Welcome to Prakati:

Prakati is an online platform that aims to bring all the sustainability related aspects under one umbrella. Prakati intends to serve as knowledge repository on sustainability, a guide to sustainable living, a news portal publishing sustainable initiatives & a showcase for sustainable products & technologies.


We believe that, there is a growing consensus in the society regarding change that needs to happen in our lifestyles. Government, civil society and entrepreneurs are coming up with new products and technologies that minimise negative footprint on the ecosystem.


With Prakati.in, our idea is to provide platform for such environment-positive initiatives and at the same time time build-up a knowledge repository covering different aspects (dimensions like environment, economy, fashion, food, living, energy, transport) of sustainability.


Prakati’s mission is to promote ideas, technologies, products, organisations & people that propagate sustainable, eco-friendly, need based living. We believe that small changes that we make to our lives can add up to make a big difference.