11 Terrace Gardening Essentials

11 Terrace Gardening Essentials

Every Terrace or Balcony gardening style needs some accessories and tools to perform the activity. 11 Terrace Gardening Essentials from our list are mentioned below.

Terrace Gardening essentials list

1. Planters

Planters are generally containers made of clay, fired clay (ceramic) & plastic. Growing Bags made up of HDPE are quite famous these days. Growing bags are lightweight, easy to store if empty and are easy to move if filled with potting media. With a sustainable approach in mind avoiding plastic containers is the best thing to do.

2. Potting Media

If we don’t want to opt for conventional Soil as potting medium, in that case there are many other options available in the market. Organic potting Soil mix are readily available. Soil less potting media will have no soil related diseases and pests.

Coco Peat mixed with compost, Perlite and Vermiculite is also a good potting mix.

3. Fertilisers

The Potting mix used will provide the initial nourishment to the plants. But in longer run the potting mix will be dried up of the essential nutrients. We can use the organic variants of fertilisers to fix this nutrient deficit.

4. Seeds

We can use organic seeds as well as heirloom seeds. Good quality of seeds ensure higher germination rate.

5. Watering Can/Pump:

Watering the plants timely is also necessary in order to ensure proper absorption of nutrients. Watering cans or pumps can be used to water plants efficiently.

6. Trowels

Handy tool to dig up compact soil and loosen it up for proper aeration. Makes digging process easier and fast.

7. Gloves:

Gloves help protect our hands from thorns or other sharp plant parts. Also helps in keeping your nails hygienic and clean from dirt.

8. Pruners:

Pruners are sharper then scissors. Useful in cutting dead foliage and pruning plants timely. Pruning is necessary in ensuring desired growth of the plants.

9. Bio-Pesticide:

When the pests barge in to our gardens we don’t have any options left instead of using pesticides. Neem oil is the best naturally available organic pesticide. It can be sprayed over the plants or mixed with the soil.

10. Creeper/Climber Support:

Sticks and threads can be used to make support structures for creepers and climbers.

11. Drip Irrigation Kit:

We can go an extra mile for our terrace garden by opting for water conservation techniques. Easy to use drip irrigation kits are available in the market.

There can be more Terrace Gardening Essentials in addition to this list. But these are the most basic terrace gardening essentials.

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