5 Best Selling Organic Potting Soil you can buy Online

5 Best Selling Organic Potting Soil you can buy Online

If you planning to grow a plant in a pot or planning to build your own set of indoor & outdoor potted plants or just planning small garden at home, one of the quintessential component is the potting soil. Bad potting soil is one of the primary reason why potted plants have unhealthy rooting system & fail to grow as desired. This articles briefly describes the concept of organic potting soil, its importance in plant growth & identifies the best selling Organic potting soil products/ brands on Amazon.

What is Organic Potting Soil ?

Potting soil, also known as potting mix, is a medium in which you can grow vegetables, plants, and herbs in a pot or a container. Organic potting soil are made from organic matter like decaying plant material, microorganisms, seaweed, fish meal, bone meal, worm castings, etc. Additionally, majority of the companies put fertilizer into the mixture because plants need nutrients. A good potting mix should be lightweight and drain well, yet contain enough organic matter to hold moisture and nutrients even through hot, dry weather.

Importance of Organic Potting Soil in Gardening

A great organic potting soil can not only help your plants thrive but also make them free from any pesticides or chemicals. Ordinary garden soil is not recommended as a potting mix. It’s usually too heavy and may contain weed seeds, diseases, and insect pests.

Best Selling Organic Potting Soils on Amazon

TrustBasket – Enriched Premium Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Mix with Required Fertilizers for Plants

  • Package Contents: Enriched Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Fertilizer 10 KG
  • Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties
  • Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Contains micro and macro nutrients. Has good water holding capacity
  • Its anti-fungal property helps the plants to grow healthy

Quantity: 10 Kgs

MahaGro – All Purpose Premium Potting Mix – with Cocopeat & Organic Fertilizer

  • Premium Potting mix with 100% organic fertilizer and 43 other plant nutrients
  • For all indoor/outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants
  • Provides 4 times better growth! Just a glass of water per week
  • Very clean, lite-weight and Odorless. Power of the fertilizer lasts for upto 1.5 years
  • Minimizes soil-borne diseases, pests and weed growth

Quantity: 10 Kgs

Green Roots – Organic Potting Soil Mix with Cocopeat, Vermicompost, Neem Granule, Plant Manure

  • It Contains Cocopeat Which Is Ideal For Seed Germination, Improves Aeration To Roots By Preventing Compacting Of Soil, Remarkable Powers Of Porosity & Excellent Water Holding Capacity.
  • It Contains Vermicompost Which Improves The Health And Overall Growth Of The Plant And The Quality Of The Soil And Encourages The Growth Of New Shoots/Leaves And Leaf Pigmentation Ensuring More Bright Coloured Flowers & Leaves.
  • It Contains Neem Granules Which Has Antifungal Properties And Performs The Dual Function Of Both Fertilizer As Well As Insecticide. It Protects The Plant From Nematodes, Soil Grubs And White Ants.

Quantity: 1 Kg

Sapretailer – All Purpose Enriched Organic Potting Soil for Plants Mixed with Organic Fertilizer Compost and Cocopeat Manure for Plants

  • Color: Black
  • Package Contents: 10 Kg Premium Potting Soil
  • Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals, premium soil with 100 percent organic fertilizer and other plant nutrients
  • Contains coco peat, organic compost and organic fertilizers with all necessary vital nutrients, for all indoor/outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants
  • Complete enriched plant food
  • Contains micro and macro nutrients, also microbes which enhance the soil properties, provides 4 times better growth just a glass of water per week

Quantity: 10 Kgs

However, it is important to note that depending on the plant you want to grow, the exact potting soil you should use will vary.

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