The Green Collective: A Premium Home Decor and Lifestyle Brand

The Green Collective: A Premium Home Decor and Lifestyle Brand

The Green Collective: A Premium Home Decor and Lifestyle Brand | At The Green Collective, sustainability is the crux of everything they do. Right from trying to revive a dying industry of cane and caning, to using eco-friendly materials to make their products, to packing and shipping products in recycled cartons with minimal use of plastic, to inculcating the spirit of collaboration with artisans, suppliers, consumers, and even their competitors, they measure sustainability as beyond themselves and their bubble, to encompass the entire industry ecosystem.  


Aakanksha Batra is the brain behind the beautiful brand The Green Collective. She launched her first solo venture in November 2021.

The Green Collective is her labor of love for all things sustainable and earth-friendly. Batra felt passionate about the environment and therefore she created a line of home décor and small furniture using cane/rattan, water hyacinth, and other such eco-friendly materials, with the help of local artisans in North East and Uttrakhand.

Her ultimate goal remains to empower rural communities, especially its women, to achieve socio-economic progress.

The Green Collective stands on three pillars, which form the core values of the brand:

Reviving and Embracing the Art of Caning:

Once considered a traditional design element, caning is now experiencing a resurgence. This age-old technique has transformed into an art form that pays homage to its roots while embracing contemporary flair. The Green Collective breathes new life into this craft with its multi-purpose, handcrafted products.

Eco-Friendly Production:

Using eco-friendly materials that are mindfully sourced, The Green Collective ensures longevity and sustainability. Local materials such as Assamese cane, water hyacinth, and moonj from Uttarakhand are responsibly harvested. The goal is to provide environmentally conscious products that last for decades, reducing the need for replacement and easing the pressure on the earth’s resources.

Community Driven:

The Green Collective is powered by the people involved in every step, from harvesting to crafting. They ensure fair prices for all their clusters and focus on upskilling their caning community, emphasizing the importance of their artisans.

Handmade with Love:

Each product is a labor of love, showcasing the “imperfect” beauty of artisanal work. The skill of traditional weaving meets modern design, resulting in beautiful, multi-functional pieces. Despite challenges, the artisans often surprise with their exceptional craftsmanship.

With each piece customers buy, they reinforce growing faith in the brand’s craftsmen – they value their skills, and they gain joy from the art, which translates into a society of creatives that once again feels respected

Here is a sneak peek into some of their products:

The Green Collective: A Premium Home Decor and Lifestyle Brand

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