Priyadarshini Panchapakesan: A Budding Author from the Hills!

Priyadarshini Panchapakesan: A Budding Author from the Hills!

Priyadarshini Panchapakesan is a young, budding environmental fiction writer. Her books are inspired by her childhood in Kodaikanal, a picturesque hill-station in Tamil Nadu. What makes Priyadarshini’s books truly unique is that she not only foregrounds the importance of living harmoniously with nature, but also has strong female protagonists who embark on adventures to make the world a better place.

Book cover of The Postwoman and Other Stories

For instance in Priyadarshini’s first book, “The Postwoman and Other Stories”, a young woman shatters the norms by working as a postwoman. As it turns out, the postwoman is passionate about her job and never fails to deliver letters, even if the weather is stormy. Likewise, there is also Neer, the ferry keeper’s daughter, who follows her heart and pursues her father’s profession, by ferrying people from one end of the lake to the other. One can also learn much from the craftswoman who continues to make handmade toys, despite resistance from parents who prefer their children to have fancy objects to play with.

Book Cover of Unsung Heroes and Heroes

The theme of gender equality can also be seen in Priyadarshini’s second book “Unsung Sheroes and Heroes”. The word Shero is used by the black feminist writer Maya Angelou to refer to extraordinary women who have done great deeds. In Priyadarshini’s book, a series of descriptive passages highlight the skill and beauty of the real Sheroes and Heroes of society. The jasmine flower seller, the seashell collectors, the wig makers and the basket weavers express extraordinary talent and wit.

Book cover of The Myth of The Wild Gaur

Priyadarshini’s upcoming book, “The Myth of the Wild Gaur”, published by Paper Lantern Publishers, is perhaps the one that reflects her childhood the most. The novella revolves around Theni, a young girl from a honey collector tribe who has immense knowledge about the flora and fauna of Megham Mountain. The readers get a glimpse of Theni’s determination and courage, as she strives to protect the gaurs from crafty businessmen.

“The Myth of the Wild Gaur” has an introduction by Ms Zai Whitaker, a world renowned author, environmentalist and conservationist. The pre orders for the book begin in January 1, 2023.
Priyadarshini also aims to release an adventure novel called “The Guardians of the Forest”, soon after the successful release of “The Myth of the Wild Gaur”.

Rather than following a conventional marketing strategy, Priyadarshini enjoys conducting story telling sessions for children. She loves to witness the readers reacting to her stories and enjoys getting feedback from them.

To know more about this extraordinary author’s journey, please check out her website. Prakati India wishes Ms Priyadarshini all the best in her journey as an environmental fiction writer.

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