Utility Startup WEGoT aims to Save 10 billion litres of Water by 2024

Utility Startup WEGoT aims to Save 10 billion litres of Water by 2024

Bengaluru 10 May 2021: Water Management Solution startup, WEGoT aims to save 10 billion litres of water by 2024 by implementing their water management solutions in one million homes and up to 5000 commercial and industrial buildings over the next three years. 

WEGoT has an IoT based water management solution that manages the entire water infrastructure in a property by acquiring granular consumption data that was previously unavailable through high-precision sensors that track flow, pressure, and quality of water and then applying it to the various water related applications in the property.

Currently, WEGoT’s aqua water management system is successfully installed across Residential, Commercial, and Industrial segments in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, NCR, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai and Pune. WEGoT plans to expand to larger cities across India where there is water scarcity and issues related to water management and to foreign markets as well.

“WEGoT aqua was innovated with an aim to reduce the water consumption by bringing about a much needed behavioral change in the way people use water. We are currently present in over 30,000 homes and 40 million sq ft of commercial space. In the long run, we aim to expand our reach not only across the country but also to the global level. We plan to target the Middle East and other developing countries where water scarcity is affected at a global level. As of today, since our inception in 2015, we have saved over 3 billion litres of water in the seven cities that we are present. In Bengaluru, we have implemented our water management solution in 105 live sites spread across 12268 homes having saved 1156 million litres of water. WEGoT aqua enables real time, data driven and automated decision making to reduce the water demand and increase the efficiency of water infrastructure in buildings” said  Vijay Krishna, Founder & CEO

WEGoT’s solution tracks the usage at all consumption points and generates bills as per water usage. The sensor also detects and notifies leakages, broken pipes, abnormal usage in real time via mobile apps and web dashboards. Once notified, the user can shut the leaks remotely, thus saving water from getting wasted in leakages. WEGoT aqua integrates every facet of water management providing a simple and convenient platform to manage all the water in a facility. We have innovated on the business model to increase adoption.

“Having mentored at Brigade REAP has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the real estate market where we could potentially target our solution. Through REAP we have also gained a good amount of access to the real estate market. We have taken several concrete steps to help maintain the head start we have as the early movers in this space. We are constantly involved in making updates to our integrated solution. We give the product for free and charge a nominal monthly subscription. We have the smallest sensors available, thereby making it the easiest sensor to install. The entire solution is a simple plug and play model which will help us scale faster.” said Mohamed Mohideen: Founder & COO

WEGoT has raised a seed funding of $2 million and plans to expand its footprint to larger cities across India in the near future.

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