Ola Plans Hypercharger Network to Charge 2W EVs

Ola Plans Hypercharger Network to Charge 2W EVs

Recently, Ola Electric revealed its plans for providing charging solutions to all its electric two wheeler customers and unveiled the Ola Hypercharger Network, the EV Charging Network for its upcoming two wheeler products starting with the Ola Scooter to be launched in the coming months. 

Ola will offer the most comprehensive set of charging options to its electric vehicle customers through a combination of widely deployed high-speed Ola Hyperchargers and the home-charger that will come bundled with the Ola Scooter.

Ola HyperCharger Network:

The Ola Hypercharger Network will be the widest and densest electric two wheeler charging network in the world, with more than 100,000 charging points across 400 cities.

In the first year alone, Ola is setting up over 5,000 charging points across 100 cities in India, more than double the existing charging infrastructure in the country.

Charging on the Move:

Ola Hypercharger will also be the fastest two wheeler charging network. It is estimated that the Ola Scooter can be charged 50% in just 18 minutes for a 75 kms range.

Standalone chargers installed across key malls, IT parks and popular locations across the country to ensure you’ll always find a charger no matter where you go.

The Ola Hypercharger network, being built by Ola along with partners, will be complemented by the home charger that will be bundled with the Ola Scooter. The home charger will require no installation and will provide Ola customers the convenience of charging at home by simply plugging into a regular wall socket for overnight charging.

“Electric is the future of mobility and we are reimagining the entire user experience of owning an electric vehicle. Our plans to build a comprehensive charging network is a key piece of this. By creating the world’s largest and densest 2-wheeler charging network, we will dramatically accelerate the customer adoption of electric vehicles and rapidly move the industry to electric.” 

Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and Group CEO, Ola

Plug & Play

Ola Hypercharger Network will offer an effortless and seamless charging experience to Ola customers.

Ola Hypercharger Network: Navigation Suggestion to locate hypercharger
Navigation Suggestion to locate hypercharger
Ola Hypercharger Network: Smart Automated charging System
Smart Automated charging System
Ola Electric Connected App to track Charging Status
Connected App to track Charging Status

Ola will offer Automatic Routing through charging stations en-route to improve rider’s range confidence. Ola’s Smart Automatic Charging Station will make sure that users have have to simply arrive at a charging location and plug their scooter into the charging point. Customers can easily monitor the charging progress in real time on the Ola Electric app and the same app can be used to seamlessly pay for the charging as well.

Ola Hypercharger Network, together with the home-charger and Ola Scooter’s industry leading range, will ensure that customers have complete range confidence when opting for Ola’s electric vehicles.


About Ola

Ola is India’s largest mobility platform and one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies. Ola revolutionised urban mobility by making it available on demand for over a billion people across 3 continents. Ola is dedicated to transitioning the world to sustainable mobility and making the world better than we found it.

Ola Scooter will be manufactured at the Ola Futurefactory which is being built in Tamil Nadu, India, with its first phase to be ready this summer. Ola selected ABB as one of its key partners for robotics and automation solutions for the mega-factory in India, billed to be the world’s largest scooter factory.

Ola Electric says that setting up the Hypercharger network will address the issue of the paltry EV charging infrastructure currently present in India. This, in turn, will encourage people to adopt electric vehicles. 

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