Tribes India Launches Saheli Eco-friendly Sanitary Pads

Tribes India Launches Saheli Eco-friendly Sanitary Pads

Continuing with making its product offerings more attractive to its customers, Tribes India has launched many new products last month including mainly immunity boosting products and produce in the Forest Fresh and Organics range. However, the highlight is Saheli – eco-friendly sanitary pads.

Saheli: Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads

Saheli eco-friendly sanitary pads are made by the Vasava tribals under the Gram Sangathan Kambodiya in Gujarat. Tribes India is partnering with them to distribute these sanitary pads across the country.

“Tribes India is continuing in its mission to impact and transform tribal lives and improve their livelihoods. The highlight of today’s launch is the eco-friendly, sustainable sanitary pads made by the Vasavatribalsin Gujarat that are being supplied byGram SangathanKambodiya. In order to give a boost to this impactful and relevant work, Trifed will be distributing these economical pads.”

Shri Pravir Krishna, MD, TRIFED

Other Products Launched by Tribes India

The new products introduced by Tribes India fall under the Forest Fresh Naturals and organics range and also some of these will make excellent gifting and decoration options as well.

The products sourced from different parts of the country include:

  • Beautifully crafted moortis of Ganesha and Lakshmi and some decoration items in the Dokra style from Odisha;
Dokra Art Gifting items
  • Immunity boosting products such as Nachetna powder, Haride and Triphala tablets from Gujarat and various honey variants including creamy mushroom from Dehradun; and
  • Some natural balms (eucalyptus and sandalwood) from the tribals in Tamil Nadu.
  • Chironjee nuts and Guava jelly have also been procured from the tribes of Jharkhand.
Immunity Boosters from trifed

Tribes India

TRIFED (Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development Federation Of India Limited) was launched in 1987, under the administrative control of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India. Tribes India is a brand under TRIFED that markets the handcrafted products directly procured from the tribals in India through its 73 brick and mortar outlets all over India.

The Tribes India E-Mart platform is an omni-channel facility for tribals to sell their goods to a large national and international audience in an e-marketplace through their own e-shop. TRIFED is in the process of on-boarding approximately 5 lakh tribal producers across the country and sourcing their natural produce and handcrafted goods.

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