List of Biodiesel Plants in India

List of Biodiesel Plants in India

The below list includes Biodiesel plants in India:

YearCompany NameBiodiesel Plant Location
2007Southern Biotech LtdAndhra Pradesh
2008Kaleesuwari Refinery Private LimitedAndhra Pradesh
2008Universal BiofuelsAndhra Pradesh
2008Nova Biofuels P LtdHaryana
2008Costal EnergyWest Bengal
2009Bio MaxAndhra Pradesh
2009Emami Biotech Pvt LtdWest Bengal
2009Yantra Fintech LtdChennai
2009RIL(pilot plant)Andhra Pradesh
2010Southern Biotech LtdAndhra Pradesh
2011Khanda Biofuels Pvt LtdHyderabad
2012Eco Green Fuels Pvt. LtdBangalore
2012Kissan Agro Industries LtdNoida
2012Ruchi(Pilot Plant)Gujarat
2015Yamuna Bio Industries LtdVaroda
2015Unicon Fibro Chem LtdSilvassa
2015Wash wellBhilwara
2015Al NoorMuzaffarnagar
2018Rajputana Biofuels LtdJaipur, Rajasthan
2018Monopoly Industries LtdKhopoli
2018Elite Oil LtdKakinada
2019Kotiar Biofuels LtdAbu Road, rajashtan
2019BioD Industries LtdBawal, Haryana
2019Munzer BharatNew Mumbai
List of Biodiesel Plants in India
What is Biodiesel ?

Biodiesel is a clean & green fuel derived from trans-esterification or acid esterification of vegetable oils or fats.
Its properties are very similar to diesel fuels.

Biodiesel is produced from which plants ?

In India, there is a vast potential for the production of biodiesel from Jatropha curcas (called Jangli arandi in Hindi and Kattukkotai in Tamil) and Pongamia pinnata (The Indian Beech called Karanj in Hindi and Pungai in Tamil) as they occur in plenty in forests and wastelands.
In the West, biodiesel is produced mostly from field crops like rapeseed and sun flower in Europe and soyabean in the US. While, Malaysia utilises palm oil while Nicaragua uses Jatropha curcas (The Physic Nut) for bio diesel production.

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