Katapult Mauritius Accelerator Program Invites Regenerative Food and Agri-Tech startups

Katapult Mauritius Accelerator Program Invites Regenerative Food and Agri-Tech  startups

Katapult has now launched the Katapult Mauritius Accelerator at Ferney Agri-hub. The accelerator will invest in and help scale approximately 10 startups working in the fields of regenerative food and agri-tech. Using Katapult’s world-class accelerator as a model, the program is now open for applications from Indian startups working in the field of regenerative food and agri-tech.

Katapult Mauritius Accelerator at Ferney Agri-hub has now opened its application round. Having tailored its world-class accelerator program, Katapult is now calling for startups working in the space of regenerative food and agritech to apply to the Katapult Mauritius Accelerator Program at Ferney Agri-hub. The program will offer international startups investments and the key skills required to scale.

The Katapult Mauritius accelerator program will accelerate and invest in about 10 international startups. The startups will leverage the network of Katapult and our partners, and use Mauritius as an access point to the African markets. During the 3 month program, startups will gain the opportunity to connect with a wide network of national and international mentors. A coworking space will be set up for the accelerator at Ferney Agri Hub located on the southern part of Mauritius. Provisions and digital alternatives will additionally be made for limited travel opportunities owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

As an island nation situated strategically between the Indian and African continent, with a stable democracy, strong financial sector and an increased focus on food sovereignty and sustainability, Mauritius provides the ideal incubus for hosting an accelerator program and scaling the impact of startups focussing on regenerative food and agri-tech. 

Over recent years, Katapult has developed several close ties on Mauritius and in the wider region. Since 2019, Katapult has been in dialogue with the Mauritian government, private sector, academia and entrepreneurial scene in Mauritius, informing the design of creating an impactful accelerator program. The program is further strengthened by the development of four key partnerships: CIEL, IBL Group, Currimjee Group and MCB Group. 

Katapult’s commitment to scaling regenerative food and agri-tech startups and the key role Mauritius will play is emphasised by Katapult Mauritius Country Director Thomas Berman: “Mauritius is a country that can become a global example for meaningful sustainable transformation. One part of this transformation will be to strengthen Mauritius as a connector and test site for regional and international start-ups who develop solutions that can spur regenerative change in our food systems.”

The application round for the Katapult Mauritius Accelerator Program is now open. Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic provisions will be made to host the program both physically and digitally. The deadline for application is 17th February 2022.


Katapult Mauritius Accelerator is a building block in making Mauritius a focal point for sustainable innovation and the future economy. An impact ecosystem that aims to create a tipping point for sustainable change, by:

  • Building financial capacity through impact investing 
  • Implementing infrastructure for collaboration that is open for all
  • Strengthening the ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Connecting existing available solutions to core challenges
  • Connecting and bridging Mauritius to the global ecosystem for sustainable innovation and investing

Katapult is an investment company, focused on highly scalable impact tech startups. Katapult currently has 138 companies in its portfolio, spread across 35 countries.

Katapult’s accelerator programs secure a world leading deal flow and strengthen investment in highly-promising impact tech startups. Katapult established the Katapult Foundation in 2020, gathering its non-profit initiatives under one arm. The Foundation is focused on building the impact community, field building and education efforts around impact investment.      

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