IITB Almuni Startup Manastu Space develops greener way to launch satellites

IITB Almuni Startup Manastu Space develops greener way to launch satellites

Manastu Space Technologies founded by two IIT-Bombay graduates, Tushar Jadhav & Ashtesh Kumar, is on a mission to develop cheaper, cleaner & safer Green Propulsion System. Team Manastu, along with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay), has indigenously developed a hydrogen peroxide based green propulsion technology. They have replaced the old, low performing, carcinogenic and highly toxic hydrazine based propulsion systems with high performance, non carcinogenic, less toxic hydrogen peroxide with additives (HPA). The space-tech startup is helping propel satellites with a system that is 25 percent more powerful and 60 percent cheaper than conventional chemical propulsion systems.

In satellites and spacecraft, propulsion is achieved through a thruster. Manastu Space’s thruster works on the principles of a rocket engine. The key difference is that of the propellant, and hence the internal thruster design. Their thruster uses a hydrogen peroxide with additives to enhance the performance (HPA). Hydrogen peroxide undergoes catalytic decomposition, releasing water-vapor, oxygen and heat. It promises a life span of five years for the satellites in orbit. 

Advantages of HPHC Green Propulsion System by Manastu Space

  • 30% reduction in weight of propulsion system
  • 40 times less toxic, Non-carcinogenic
  • 25% higher performance

Areas of Application

  • Satellite Propulsion
  • Lander Propulsion System for Interplanetary Missions
  • Reaction Control SystemFor Rockets And Missiles
  • Launch VehiclePropulsion System
  • Liquid Apogee Motor for Satellites

Commercially, the space also looks exciting for Manastu as around 15,000 satellites are planned in the next six-nine years and the likes of SpaceX, Samsung, and Boeing will be sending thousands of these satellites, which can be there customers in near future.

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