Space Sustainability

Space Sustainability

Space For Everyone

At Prakati, we believe that while drive towards sustainability starts at personal level in terms of choices we make while selecting different product, services & lifestyle. At planetary level, human civilisation stands at a point of inflection not just in relation to earth but in context of Universe as well. While Industrial Revolution 1.0 was about burning fossil fuels to power machines, the next century is going to be race towards conquest of space based resources.  The choices as a civilisation we make now, are going to affect how our coming generations transverse their lives across planets. The time for considering Space Sustainability is now.

While a lot of attention is now being given to how we can revive, reclaim our earth internally. We believe the Space external to our planet can also help us understand, value & solve our problems in a better, equitable and more sustainable manner.

Why Care About Space Sustainability ?

In a world inundated with many complex and urgent problems, why does space sustainability matter ? If outer space is not safe, secure, and peaceful, the ability to use it could be denied to all. The disparity in technology has resulted in developed countries consuming a large share of resources of our planet, now with growing technologies to access space resources, this disparity could only increase further.  It is more imperative than ever that the vast benefits that can be derived from space-based technology remain accessible to all.

Further, if human civilisation can function as a unit, we can have long-term sustainability of outer space activities and the effective use of space to benefit humanity.

Hence, this section intends to highlight initiatives, companies, efforts, developments in Space Technologies & information that can improve Sustainability of our planet. Above all finding answers to How Space Science and help save our Planet better.

Space for Everyone