Government recognises Yogasana as a competitive sport

Government recognises Yogasana as a competitive sport

In 2019, the National Board for Promotion and Development of Yoga and Naturopathy (NDPDYN) under Ministry of Ayush recommended to recognise Yogasana as a competitive sport. After extensive consultation with the stakeholders over the last 3-4 years, Government of India took the decision to promote Yogasana as a competitive sport. Now, the Ministry of AYUSH (MoA) & The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYA&S) are closely working to establish Yogasana as a competitive sport globally

International Yogasana Sports Federation (IYSF)

An International Yogasana Sports Federation (IYSF) under the Presidentship of Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji with Dr. H. R. Nagendra as Secretary General was established on 08-11-2019. The Federation (IYSF) has since been working on the critical steps for establishing Yogasana as a Sports discipline across the world

National Yoga Sports Federation (NYSF)

The National Yoga Sports Federation (NYSF) was established under the presidentship of Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi Director, MDNIY on 21.08.2020. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has recognised NYSF as a National Sport Federation for the promotion and development of Yogasana as a Competitive Sport.

Steps taken for development of Yogasana as Competitive Sport in India

  • An exhaustive document containing Rules & Regulations and Syllabus of the Yogasana Competitions has been prepared to lay down Yogasana as a competitive sport.
  • The Technical Committee has also made a list of Asanas (Compulsory and Optional Asanas) after exhaustive research from the traditional books of Yoga.
  • A preliminary study on the marking system (Manual and Automated) in the competitions has been made.  Work for Automation of scoring system to introduce objectivity in marking has been initiated.
  • A pilot Yogasana Competition named as “National Individual Yogasana Sports Championship (Virtual Mode) to be held in early 2021.
  • Launching of an Annual Calendar of competitions, events and programs of Yogasana sport.
  • Development of Automated Scoring System for the Yogasana Championship.
  • Courses for Coaches, Referees, Judges and Directors of competitions.
  • Coaching camps for players.
  • Launch of a League of Yogasana, to ensure a career and social status for performers, experts and practitioners, to create Sports Stars among Yogasana athletes.
  • To introduce Yogasana as a Sport discipline in National Games, Khelo India and international sports events.
  • Steps to create job opportunities for Yogasana athletes.

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