Get Local & Organic Holi 2024- Essential guide from Gulal to Skin Care

Get Local & Organic Holi 2024- Essential guide from Gulal to Skin Care

Holi is now around the corner and we bet you can’t stop thinking about the Holi invitations in your inbox. The once in a year festival of colours is almost here which will also officially mark the beginning of summer 2024. Holi is going to be full of colours, bhang, sweets and what not, name it and you have got it.

All dressed in whites, we are set to be coloured. This is the time to try and get your hands on all the new brands in the market. If you’re looking to celebrate an organic Holi with your loved ones this year, we bring to you a complete guide to get local, from Skin to Clothing to Gulal.

Supporting local, authentic & organic brands will not only win you the best host award, but also give you the best local Holi experience. With an idea of giving people an overall better local experience listed below are four organic/local brands that are affordable and easier to find.


Phool was founded by Ankit Agarwal in 2017 to clean Ganga in Kanpur City, the company uses flowers from temples across India and creates useful products such as rose incense cones, Phool vermicompost. For Holi 2024, Phool is bringing you colours handcrafted the traditional way from sacred flowers and herbs, you cannot give vibrant colours/gulaal from pink, green and more. These colours are safe for skin, chemical free and easy to wash. Support this local start-up for you organic Holi, supporting the social cause behind it. Holi, known as the festival of colours, colours from phool are definitely worth a try.


India’s first non-alcoholic beer that comes in seven different flavours will bring you amazing taste & fizz that will make you forget the alcohol and wide/unusual flavours. The beer comes in beautifully packed in a glass bottle to give it an actual beer look. It tastes refreshing and leaves a lasting aftertaste. This could be your pick for the Holi party be it as the mixer to your cocktails or your flavourful mocktail. Go and get your hands on the non- alcoholic beer of the flavour you like. Coolberg can be your definite pick of made in India drinks in your Holi celebration.

Hemp Horizons

The fun with colours comes with its cons too, irritated skin, acne, dryness and what not. This Holi, you can use the hemp benefits to protect your skin. Hemp has some hidden benefits and has recently become a popular skin care herb. Used by ancient India, Hemp will not only hydrate your skin it will also help protect acne and prevent the skin from chemicals used in Holi colours. Hemp Horizons, is an Indian hemp seed processing brand where they have hemp-based beauty and wellness products that you pick online. Affordable and eco-friendly products, just how you would like your Holi  


Everybody is excited to dress in all whites on Holi, but where do you find your perfect ethnic white is still a question for most. Clothing brand Rustorange has a beautiful collection of white ethnic wear that could be your go to Holi attire. Their designs are unique, worthy and unconventional. If you are looking forward to standing out not just with your look but your choices, supporting local artisans and helping Msme grow this could be your choice and chance. You can shop clothes online from their website with fast shipping and easy to return policy. 


No festival is complete without a taste of sweet, and Holi has its own mithai-Gujia. If you are planning to exchange sweets with your family and friends on the festival, make sure you pick your sweets from a local store spreading love around and sharing mithas.

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