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Help Us Green

Incense Sticks recycled from Flower Waste

HelpUsGreen preserves the Ganges River by collecting the floral waste from temples and mosques that is dumped in the river and flower-cycling (upcycling) it into patented fertilizer and incense sticks, branded as Phool. This, in turn, provides livelihoods to manual scavenger families in Uttar Pradesh, India.

To ensure that chemicals do not leach into their products, the flowers are sorted, cleaned and sprayed with biological culture. The water used is saved and utilised to make Vermi-Compost.

Their priority is not just cleaning the Ganges, but also empowering local women. The company employs 79 women at the first production unit and aims to bring the number up to 5,000 by 2022.

At Phool (HelpUsGreen) 2.4 tons of floral-waste is daily collected from temples and mosques in Uttar Pradesh, India. The waste is upcycled into the world’s first flowercycling aromatic sticks and compost , revolutionizing the way India handles the ‘Million-ton temple waste disposal’ & brings hope to revive the lifeline of 420 million – The Ganges.

Ankit Agarwal Founder Help us green


Ankit Agarwal

Ankit is the founder of Kanpur Flowercycling Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise that owns the brand ‘Helpusgreen’ & ‘Phool’.

Ankit is the winner of the UN Young Leaders Award 2018 and nominated for the Goalkeepers Awards by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – on recycling temple waste along the Ganges, and now, the world’s first biodegradable thermocol and leather from blooms.

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