Best Online Garden Stores of India

Best Online Garden Stores of India

Online purchases and stores have helped the busy working population, by cutting of their shopping time at huge departmental stores. For all the gardeners out there there are several online garden stores in India, those offer a wide variety of essentials including potting media, tools, fertilizers, eco-friendly products, seeds, etc. required for a garden. Let us find out in detail about what these online garden stores provide.

Online Garden Stores of India

1. Ugaao

Ugaao is an online garden store founded by Siddhant Bhalinge. He came with this idea to make gardening is a less tedious task for the gardeners over India. Ugaao is a one-stop solution for all the gardeners out there. All type of plants including outdoor and indoor plants, are available at Ugaao and the customers can filter their preferences and check its availability through the online website itself. A variety of seeds that includes that of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, tress etc. are available at this online store. It promotes the motto “Plants grow people” and it also emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly products.

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If you are looking for a good plant to gift your loved ones or for corporate purchase, Ugaao promotes eco-friendly plant gifts (eco-friendly packaging) and customized gift ideas. A variety of plant stands, seedling trays and hangers are available for purchase. Accessories for watering, pest control, gardening, fertilizers, garden decor etc. can be brought through its online site. The online store also shares the basic idea of gardening, maintenance, pest control etc. through their blogs and they are worth a read.

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2. Trustbasket

Trustbasket is one of the online garden stores with more than 5000 reviews. It is also a complete destination where the products ranging from gardening tools to composting kits are available. The bestsellers at Trustbasket include Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Mix (fertilizer mix), Indoor compost kit, Coco Peat Block, All Purpose Organic Pest controller, etc. The Coco peat block can be used as a replacement for soil, which makes gardening easier in terraces/balconies.

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They also provide free gardening classes and informative gardening blogs. The seeds available from Trustbasket are hygienically packed, gives better yields and are fresh. All vegetable seeds are available at the online store, that includes both hybrid and open pollinated seeds which possess specific characters. Hybrid flower, cosmos flower seeds and garbera seeds that raises decor flowers are also available.

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Collections of railing planters, accessories, bird feeders, contemporary decorative planters, etc. can be purchased online. UV stabilized grow bags, drip irrigation kits, watering tools, self-watering pots, and coir pots can be bought online according to the customer’s convenience.

3. Nurserylive

Nurserylive is also one among the friendly online garden stores with a personal mobile application. It offers about more than 6000 plants and also with affordable offers and rewards. They have delivery all across the country with 24 X 7 live support. The customers can also buy microgreen seeds that helps to support organic farming in terraces or indoors. These microgreen seeds grow with minimum resources and are available for most vital vegetables a kitchen needs.

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A customer who loves flowers can buy the variety of flower bulbs at this online store. They suggest winter time is the best time for purchase and the flower bulb ranges from lilies, gladiolus, daffodils, tulips etc. They have personalized plant gifts for zodiac signs, corporate gift sets, eco-friendly gifts and lucky bamboo stalks and these are among the products one cannot miss.

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Nurserylive also provides organic pesticides like Neem Raksha, gardening tools and accessories, elegant garden toys for decor, cocopeat, large variety of seeds including herbal seeds, pebbles and stone sand, and planters from germination trays to ceramic pots. The customer can traverse through all the categories to select the right product he/she wants.

4. MyBagecha

MyBagecha is a perfect online store for someone who looks for something green to add indoors. At MyBagecha they provide creative decors and items that holds a nature touch. It holds a collection of unique tabletops that contains preserved flowers and plants. These decors lasts for almost 2 to 3 years and matches with any surroundings. The preserved tabletops can be perfect replacement for artificial flowers.

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The most exotic item available at this online garden store is the Moss frame. The specialty of this Moss frame is that it is completely natural and does not use any artificial preservatives to preserve it. It does not need any watering and must must be protected direct sunlight. The mini decors and the preserved plants that comes along with the frames gives an artistic look.

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Not only decors, they also provides the essentials including fertilizers, pesticides, pots, planters, potting media, etc. The customer can also purchase flower bulbs, seeds and microgreens. There is classification of plants both by use and type. Air purifier and low maintenance plants are available online at their site.

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