6 Simple Steps to Slow Fashion

6 Simple Steps to Slow Fashion

6 Simple Steps to Slow Fashion | The apparel industry alone produces 10% of the global carbon emissions. Over the period of time, nearly 8000 chemicals are used to produce these fabrics. The amount of water used to produce is beyond imagination. Apart from this, the fashion waste produced annually across the world is significant. To curb fashion waste, the concept of slow fashion was introduced.

Slow fashion is not something new. This concept is now embraced by conscious citizens and companies have started adopting sustainable practices to slow down on clothes produced.

Slow fashion also helps environment in a big way. If the material returns to the earth and doesn’t wind up in landfills, it will make less wastage. Thus, as a mindful buyer, you should ensure that you purchase sustainable or eco-accommodating textures from brands that are aware of their carbon footprints.

Let’s check out the simple steps to slow fashion.

#1 Ask yourself if you’d wear it regularly

The best way to sustainable fashion is to ask yourself “Will I wear this dress 30 times?” If the answer is yes, then you can buy it. This way, you only buy an item that you will wear consistently.

Try to stay away from statement pieces that you know you will be wearing only once or twice on select occasions. Instead, invest in something with more longevity. You can pick evergreen and versatile pieces that can be styled differently and you know that will not go out of fashion.

#2 Be more aware

One of the most difficult things is to know where to start and where to shop. It is now easier as you can find these brands online.

However, it is important to do research and steer clear of brands that just ‘green wash’ their products. Social Media is an efficient way to learn about the brands and observe raw reviews from the actual customers. You want to make sure that you are buying from a brand that serves the values you believe in.

#3 Change your shopping attitude

Every piece of clothing has a different carbon footprint from its manufacturing. To be more mindful, you can opt for rental or thrifted fashion. Considering that nearly 300,000 tonnes of clothes are binned, it is helpful to create a sustainable cycle for these. It means every time you make a thrifted purchase, less will be left ruining our planet.

#4 Invest is an all-season fashion

Only buy clothes that you know can work for you all year round. Don’t buy more summer clothes each year if you live in a cold climate. Instead, spend money on buying clothes that you can wear in more than a season. Timeless coats, jackets will make a sustainable wardrobe.

#5 Donate the clothes you want to discard

Donating clothes for a cause rather than having them around in your closet unused can help others be more sustainable. You can thrift your old clothes or donate them to some women’s shelters.

#6 Invest in your clothes, not splurge

This might sound usual, but it is very important. It is important to invest in a few good quality clothing rather than buying the bulk of cheap products that would not last even 3-4 wear. Look after them properly to replace items less often.

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