Why Slow Fashion is the Need of the Hour

Why Slow Fashion is the Need of the Hour

Why Slow Fashion is the Need of the Hour | Did you know that the apparel industry alone produces 10% of the global carbon emissions? Yes, you heard it right. This is the cost we pay for fast fashion. Fast fashion has been depleting the environment for decades now. To catch up with changing trends and seasons, brands are busy producing all possible fashion pieces.

The environmental cost of fashion is becoming dangerously more from the ‘fast fashion culture’ of cheap, trendy clothes that are made to not last long. The use of synthetic fibres, especially polyester, has gone up in textiles in the last 20 years.

The textile industry is completely reliant on the production of synthetic textiles, which developed on the behaviour of ‘more for less and has forced brands to lower the prices and increase their supply. These fabrics make up for a large portion of global fossil fuel as it is energy-intensive to produce.

Besides that, nearly 8000 chemicals are used over a course of time to produce these fabrics. The amount of water used to produce is beyond imagination. Apart from this, the fashion waste produced annually across the world is significant. So many clothes are thrown away, with huge amounts of fabrics unused, only adding up to the waste produced.

To curb fashion waste, the concept of slow fashion was introduced. Slow fashion is not something new. This concept is now embraced by conscious citizens and companies have started adopting sustainable practices to slow down on clothes produced. However, there is a huge gap between the actual situation and the target.

Making Changes

Contrasted with different enterprises, the fashion business is behind with regards to putting resources into advancement equipped towards supportability. In genuine terms, the just surefire approach to manage the fashion business to a more sustainable method of being will be with legislative activity. Change has been bound to happen, and it will not occur without any forethought. In any case, don’t worry, it’s not all despondency.

A satiate of fashion brands that are calling themselves eco-accommodating or sustainable have been dispatched in the previous few months. While a portion of these is from new businesses, others are new lines from set up organizations.

Why do we need Slow Fashion ?

Sustainable or moderate fashion empowers the utilization of privately delivered, biodegradable textures which have practically zero unfavourable consequences for the environment. So these textures can in the end get back to the environment, whenever you are finished wearing them.

If the material returns to the earth and doesn’t wind up in landfills, it will make less wastage. Thus, as a mindful buyer, you should ensure that you purchase sustainable or eco-accommodating textures from brands that are aware of their carbon footprints.

Brands that are moral as far as their natural effects likewise pay a lot of notice to pay a reasonable charge to their works.

So you need your garments to be created by individuals who are practically functioning as slaves? If the appropriate response is no, you need to back off and purchase less. Ensure that your buys are not adversely affecting others’ lives. A few major, quick fashion brands have been blamed for cost-cutting and unreasonable work. By choosing sustainable fashion, you are also encouraging fair wage payment.


The change is here, numerous large brands are concocting sustainable garments lines that are interesting to many. It may cost you a chunk of change, however, you will have it for more, it will glance great in each season and they are really smart, in any case. Besides, you get the fulfilment of working for a strong reason, because slow, sustainable fashion is a reason we need to battle for.

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