World’s First Plant Hotel Opens in London to Keep Your Plants Alive

World’s First Plant Hotel Opens in London to Keep Your Plants Alive

Specialist spa treatments, all-inclusive food and drink and plenty of space, whether you like sun or shade. But the only rooms here are on the shelf, in what’s claimed to be the world’s first plant hotel. Customer Christa Wessels is checking her plant in here for ten days while she checks out of London.”I just want to keep him alive while I’m gone because I’ve kept him alive this far,” she says.”So, I’m sure he’ll get way better care while he’s here anyway, so leave him here while I’m gone.”Wessels’ peace lily will be daily watered and its leaves dusted.

She says a hotel was the only option to keep her beloved plant alive.”My neighbor is going on holiday too, so there was literally no one. So, I thought it was a cool concept,” she says. The service is free and open all summer. It’s run by plant delivery service Patch.”I really hope this is going to encourage more people to do to bring plants into their homes or offices,” says Franky Athill from Patch. “Especially in London, where our air pollution is illegally-high levels and we are often too disconnected from nature.”Disconnecting from work and going on holiday no longer means disconnecting from your plant.

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