This Holi Get Organic Herbal Gulal to Colour your Loved Ones

This Holi Get Organic Herbal Gulal to Colour your Loved Ones

Gulal (गुलाल) or Abir is the soul of Holi Festival. It is hard to imagine holi festival celebration without colours. As Holi 2021 nears, the markets are brimming with an array of colours in the form of gulal, dyes and sprays. Traditionally, holi was celebrated with coloured herbal gulal made from spring flowers, berries, spices and other plants and wet colours from flowers like hibiscus etc. However, with rise in demand & cost challenges, the natural flower based got replaced by chemical based colours.

The toxic chemical-based Gulaal commonly sold in the market today contains hazardous materials like heavy metal, sand, asbestos, chalk, silica, copper sulphate etc. The use of these harsh colours can lead to side effects and an unpleasant experience. The adverse health effects can include hair and skin problems like abrasions, irritation, itching, rashes, allergies, eye infections, hair roughness, etc. The risks increase when these colours are mixed with oils and fluids and applied to the skin.

What’s more, the toxins in holi colours also damage the environment after they are washed off.

So, what’s the solution ?

The solution is simple, instead of these chemical colours, its time to revert to our roots and celebrate Holi with colours made from traditional processes. It is time to say NO to Chemical Colours and YES to herbal gulal.

Herbal Gulal is made using natural products. Example: to get yellow colour, turmeric powder can be used which may be mixed with flour to make yellow gulal. Similarly, Hibiscus (shoe flower) can be used for creating maroon color and neem leaves for green. While, the dry petals of red roses can be a substitute for the synthetic ‘lal gulal’.

Where to buy Organic Herbal Holi Gulal ?

You can buy Herbal Gulal Online from Amazon also. We have curated a list of perfect natural colours for your needs. Have a look at them:

Phool – Organic Gulal

Phool Organic Gulaal is made from flowers offered at temples and fresh ingredients sourced directly from local farmers. With handpicked flowers and herbs rich in colour pigment and therapeutic properties, this Gulaal is handmade by women coming from the marginalised sections of the society. Their herbal Gulal is Certified for skin-safety by IIRT.

Pidilite: Rangeela Holi Ke Rang

Pidilite is one of the Pioneers in Colour Industry with for 16 Years of experience. Their colours are CE-Certified and Confirm to EN71-3 European Standard.

  • Rangeela rang is best seller at Amazon.
  • The pack includes 4 shades of fluorescent colours – Pink, Yellow, Orange and Green

 Antarkranti Naturals

Antarkranti Naturals pack of gulal is made of herbal ingredients, is organic in nature and eco-friendly. They are also 100% Organic, nontoxic and can be washed off easily. These colours are handmade and safe to the skin as they are made of Edible Grade Maize starch, Tesu Flowers, Rose, Marigold, Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, food colours.

The Herbal Gulal Pack of 5 (100gm x 5) includes:

  • 5 packets of Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green Colour.
  • Primary material: Tesu Flower, Rose Petals, Marigold, Red Sandalwood, Sandalwood,Maize Starch, Food colours

TOTA Raw Organic Holi Colour Powder

The TOTA Raw Organic Holi Colour Powder 100% Chemical Free and Natural. The colours are made using edible materials. These Holi colours are USDA Certified and biodegradable. The Package includes:

  • One pack contains 4 different Colours – Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange (40gm Each).

Lustrous Herbal Gulal

The Vegetal Lustrous natural holi Herbal Gulal is skin-friendly, completely non-toxic and Easy to clean & wash. The pack of 5 includes:

  • 5 Natural Holi Colors of 80g each
  • Includes colours – Pink; Green; Orange; Yellow, Blue

Haute Teinte – Organic, Herbal Gulal

Haute Teinte – Organic, Herbal Gulal Combo Pack includes 75g each of Yellow, Pink and Green Gulal. The colours include exclusive Ingredients such as Saffron & Cranberry and are made with Wheat and Corn Flour base. This makes them completely Eco-Friendly & Bio-Degradable.

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