These 5 startups are ensuring that rural India doesn’t stay technologically backward

These 5 startups are ensuring that rural India doesn’t stay technologically backward

As the world is moving fast towards the digital age – it becomes important to educate people from rural areas about the technological advancements. Here are a few startups which are helping rural India to be in the game of technology.

People in the remote parts of India still do not trust the technology when it comes to digital payments, AI or E-commerce. Hence companies there are few startups that are not only educating the people in terms of making them tech Savvy but are also giving them employment opportunities. 


Hesa is a unified social, digital and physical (phygital) commerce platform enabling digital transactions of products and services in rural India. Headquartered in Telangana, Hesa with integrated B2B marketplace  is enabling buying and selling of various services and products with an almost ‘doorstep access’ with a network of 30,000 village network entrepreneurs serving more than 700,000 customers in a short span of one year. Hesa has partnered with more than 65+ brands, this unique model is a win-win initiative for both entrepreneurs and startups

Krishi Network

Krishi Network which is an agri-tech platform to explore your interest in an interaction with our co-founder  Ashish Mishra  around the company’s vision to transform Indian agriculture by enabling farmers to adopt change with confidence. Founded by IIT Kharagpur alumni – Ashish Mishra and Siddhant Bhomia, Krishi network is a platform that eases information accessibility for farmers and enables them to generate higher profits from their land.

Providing a mix of online and offline support, the company also has on boarded agri brands, agri-input merchants, and other stakeholders in the agriculture supply chain. Krishi Network app is currently available in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and English, and is planned to be launched in other languages soon. Krishi network helps farmers by growing their horizon by reliably connecting them to experts and other agri-businesses beyond their local area, providing them information and accessibility to such technology. 

FIA Global

Founded in 2012, FIA Global offers an extensive setup of financial services, including account opening, payments, money transfers, worldwide settlements, credit, insurance, and mutual funds. FIA additionally has a countrywide distribution network servicing 30 million clients. The startup intends to cater to 10 crore people with its neo-banking services across India, Nepal and Bangladesh in the next two to three years.

Over the past two years, FIA has invested in Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to foster technology solutions that cultivate financial inclusion. FIA’s AI-fueled financial inclusion platform FINVESTA aggregates, plans and conveys sachet financial items products to low-pay clients through its network of 25,000 inclusion centres.

Jai Kisan

Jai Kisan – Mumbai based rural fintech platform intends to make financial inclusion a reality for rural people and companies was started by Arjun Ahluwalia and Adriel Maniego in 2017. The startup offers digital financial services assistance, beginning with credit for online and income-generating, rural commerce transactions.

The company is building a rural fintech full-stack stage to take care of the financial needs of clients in the country’s developing business sectors. The startup is working with 700+ organised and unorganised entities in the space, with an aggregate client base of over 1.5 lakh provincial people, including farmers.


Fasal is an AI-powered platform for the agriculture ecosystem that records different growing conditions on the farm. It uses data science and AI algorithms to make on-farm predictions before delivering the insights anywhere on any device.

It helps in weather forecast at field level, irrigation management, pest and disease management, fertilizer, fungicide and pesticide application management and also gives real-time alerts about the crop, soil, and weather conditions.

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