Introducing Sustainable Sleep Essentials by Duroflex

Introducing Sustainable Sleep Essentials by Duroflex

Climate change is real and how we consume and what we consume affects our environment. There is an overall effort by countries, citizens and brands to be more mindful and think of Earth first. Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions company has launched a whole range of sustainable sleep products called Natural Living. 

The range has all sleep essentials – mattresses made of natural coir and 100% natural latex, pure latex mattress toppers, latex pillows and a range of bed linen. The bed linen has cotton & ethicot and cotton & tencel blends.

20,000 litres of water is used to produce 1 kg cotton – 1 King Size bedsheet weighs around 1kg. With 23% Ethicot we are saving 4500 litres per bedsheet. These small changes in products will lead to bigger changes and accelerate conscious living.

Tencel is made out of wood pulp from sustainably managed forests using organic solvents that are reused.

The GOLS certified latex used for the production of this range is sourced from the company’s own rubber plantation in Kerala. Currently, Duroflex is the only brand in India using GOLS certified latex. The chemical free pure cotton and bamboo fabrics contributes towards one’s health and well-being.

They are hypo-allergenic, soft to touch, naturally resilient and highly breathable. The natural coir used in the mattress keeps the person naturally cool. Because of its use of natural materials this range is also highly recommended for people with allergies, respiratory disorders, and those who need extra care.  

Thus, this is the perfect way to get an enriching sleep experience while minimising carbon footprint. 

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