This V-Day gift Plantable Seed Paper Valentines Day Cards

This V-Day gift Plantable Seed Paper Valentines Day Cards

The Plantable Seed Paper Valentines Day Cards are made from Plantable Seed Paper which has seeds embedded in waste cotton pulp. These type of cards are 100% tree free and completely biodegradable.

Plantable seed papers are papers with seeds sprinkled over it, so when the paper is planted it turns into plants. The seeds in plantable seed papers are native and organic. They are majorly Spinach, Basil, Tomato, etc. Most eco-friendly seed papers are made out of recycled papers, waste cotton pulp etc.

You should note that paper accounts for about 71.6 million tons of waste per year and production of one kilogram of paper requires about 324 litres of water.

Process to make Seed Paper

Initially, a paper pulp is made out of all the recycled paper collected. Once the pulp is ready it is time to mix it with various seeds. After the seeds are thoroughly mixed into the paper pulp. the paper is flattened and shaped into its desired form.

How to plant plantable seed paper?

Once you’ve made the use out of a seed paper and wish to discard it, cut it into smaller pieces, and bury them in loose, damp soil. Keep the buried paper damp by watering it regularly until you see a sapling protruding out of it. 

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Make your Own Card

You can also buy Seed Paper and make your own custom card.

Buy Seed Paper from Amazon

Whether you make your own or you buy from somewhere, but Plantable Seed Paper Valentines Day Cards are the perfect greeting cards to share with your loved ones on Valentines Day. Nevertheless, it is one way to celebrate the festival of love together with love for the planet.

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