Rajasthan releases M Sand Policy to reduce use of River Sand

Rajasthan releases M Sand Policy to reduce use of River Sand

On 25th January 2021, the chief minster Gehlot released M Sand Policy of Rajasthan with an objective to reduce dependency on the river sand and boost the use and production of M-Sand in Rajasthan.

What is M Sand ?

According to the policy document, M Sand is manufactured sand produced by crushing of mineral or overburden that confirms to IS Code 383: 2016 standards.

In Simple terms, M-Sand is derived from locally available materials in abundance like granite, quartile, basalt, silica and sandstone in different regions of the state.

How is M-Sand Manufactured:

  • Sand is produced by crushing of rocks, quarry stones into a size of 150 microns. The crushed material is segregated and can be used into the different use on the basis of its size and composition.
  • The sand obtained through this process is washed to remove impurities making it a durable and ideal for all forms of construction purposes

So How is M Sand more Sustainable ?

The M Sand is produced from crushing mineral or overburdens in mining areas. The produced m sand can help to fulfil the demand of river sand for construction works and at the same time, help resolve the problem of waste coming out from the mines.

The manufacturing of sand can also create employment opportunities at the local level and help in using the mineral resources in efficient manner.

If M Sand is produced sustainably then it can help curb excessive sand mining on riverbeds that causes damage to environment.

On November 16, 2017, the Supreme Court had restrained 82 large lease holders from mining sand in the state. The court banned the mining of sand and bajri until agencies completed a scientific replenishment study and MoEF granted clearance after considering the matter fully and dispassionately.

If followed judiciously, M sand can be the key to sustainable development in construction sector in the state.

Source – Rajasthan M Sand Policy 2020

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