Best Slow Fashion Brands of India in 2024

Best Slow Fashion Brands of India in 2024

Slow Fashion developed as a natural reaction to fast fashion: where trends change every season, clothing and accessories are affordable but low quality and end up in the trash in no time. Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, particularly focusing on sustainability.  In this story, we attempt to have a look at few of the amazing slow fashion brands from India, that changing the way slow fashion is perceived and defining new trends altogether.

The Slow Fashion Brands of India in 2022

Anushé PiraniAavaranIyla
MaatiVanarasMason and Mill
TokreeDipti MrinaliniILamra
Dress Folk

Anushé Pirani


The slow fashion brand was founded in 2017 by Anushé Pirani in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The label explores artistic intricacy with an unorthodox approach to silhouettes delivering versatile wearable clothing and redefining beauty. 


Aavaran was conceptualized in 2008 by Alka sharma, to revive and sustain the traditional craft of Dabu, hand block printing. The trademark of the Aavaran label has been fine and unique prints and motifs on indigo-dyed fabrics, chosen from a well-researched design and craft repertoire.

Each collection of garments, home furnishings, and accessories uses Indigo and a selection of purely natural dyes that are painstakingly made with a commitment to being sustainable and eco-friendly.


The Slow fashion label, Iyla was founded by Shreya Anand. Iyla renders easy silhouettes for the urban woman, largely using hand crafted fabrics.


Maati is an ethical fashion label from Udaipur, founded by Neha Kabra. Maati takes in a lot of local flavour and is inspired by the people.  It tries to adapt to all body types and sizes. The clothes produced are adjustable, skin friendly and ecologically responsible. It also have a zero waste policy where they upcycle yarns, use natural dyes and work with local craftsmen from different parts of the country.


Vanaras is born of a respectful awareness of nature and a passion for slow, caring, long-lasting fashion. The slow fashion brand is founded on the simple precept that our love for beautiful clothing need not negatively impact on the planet.

Vanaras is a 100% organic, sustainable design label that follows fair trade practices, eco-friendly zero-waste processes that are simple, transparent and conscientious from source to finish.

Mason and Mill

Mason & Mill was born in 2019 with an aim to link sustainable practices with traditional weaving and dyeing techniques and form a lifestyle brand for fuss free everyday living. Nurtured by Shivani Gandhi in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the slow fashion brand embraces the concepts of slow and conscious living by designing thoughtful silhouettes that not only keep the wearer at ease with everyday movement but also uplift their personality.


Based out of Jaipur in Rajasthan, Tokree was born out of our love for comfortable Indian wear. The brand incorporates indigenous craft techniques primarily from across Northern India, into making garments which are appealing to a more modern aesthetic.

Tokree uses 100% natural Indian fabrics like cotton, Mul and silk, Brocade, and Chanderi which are all breathable fabrics and well suited to most climates.

Dipti Mrinalini

This slow fashion label was founded by Dipti Mrinalini. Dipti’s creations are a reflection of her understanding of simple living, her wish for slow fashion and her imagination of beautiful comfortwear. She believes rural livelihoods form the core of the country’s heritage and she strives to see that live and breathe in clothing.

Diptimrinalini sources the fabrics from rural weavers and craftsmen all over India and design clothes in their studio based in Hyderabad, India.


ILAMRA intends to provide sustainable lifestyle solutions to people across the globe by creating an immersive community of sustainably conscious individuals, contributing in their own little ways to the socio-economic sustainability of the planet, through conversation and consumerism.

Dress Folk

Dress Folk was established by Nitin Mehrotra in 2017 with a simple aim of breaking the monotonous design chain of commercial clothing by converting Indian crafts into comfort contemporary clothing to make it more relevant to the modern maverick community of women.

Dress Folk predominantly works on Dabu craft, which is a mud resist hand-block printing technique performed with a paste made from four elements: Clay, Limestone, Acacia gum and Wheat powder. The dyes used in this method are also natural and eco-friendly. It is a craft native to the Bagru village of Rajasthan.


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This is in no way an exhaustive or a ranked list. If you are aware about anymore slow fashion brands in India, that should be in the list. Please mention in the comments.

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