Agritech Start-up Kisanserv empowering farmers and helping companies build scalable business with technology & innovation

Agritech Start-up Kisanserv empowering farmers and helping companies build scalable business with technology & innovation

Mumbai 3rd March 2022: Utilising technology and innovation to solve on-ground problems in supply chain and help companies build scalable businesses, Kisanserv is bringing a paradigm shift in the Indian agritech landscape. The award-winning agritech startup, with its vast network of tech-enabled collection centres is strengthening the inward supply chain, solving backend problems and helping e-commerce companies to deliver products in record time.

By doing so, the company has become the backbone of hyper delivery apps in major Maharashtra cities. Additionally, the company has developed mobile apps for farmers for their better understanding of market prices, elimination of middlemen and establishment of direct connection between producers and consumers to avoid wastage, better profits and empowerment of stakeholders.

Commenting on this, Niranjan Sharma Co-Founder & CEO said,” As farm produce such as fruits and vegetables are perishable commodities, big corporates have always found it difficult to build scalable business models with it. We are solving this problem by completely refining the inward supply chain with the help of technology-enabled collection centres.  We directly procure fresh produce of fruits and vegetables and transport them to the collection centres  for grading, labelling, packaging. After this, the products are sent to the company’s dark stores based on zip codes. With this, e-commerce players have got a company completely taking care of their inward supply chain. Also, we have a dedicated ‘life department’  where quality experts make sure that produce aging is kept so that no customer gets to experience a bad produce ever.

Team: Kisanserv

Going a step ahead, the company has innovated  a new  concept  by converting its retail partners into mini dark stores which help its partners to gain extra revenues and serve more customers.  Whenever an order comes, the company maps it with the closest dark store, and delivers to the end customer quickly. It has more than 200+ retail partners in Pune who are playing as dark stores for the company currently. 

According to Kisanserv, mapping dark stores in every location enhances speed and builds deeper connections. Today, Kisanserv has become the biggest market player in the supply of fruits and vegetables in the Maharashtra region for all hyper delivering app dark stores along with dark stores.

 Additionally, to empower the producers, control wastage and better price control, the company has built dedicated mobile apps for farmers. With the help of technology, it is creating a direct link between the consumers and the producers to completely eliminate the middleman. With this, the company has managed to successfully help farmers to raise their selling capacity by up to 20%. 

Kisanserv currently enjoys a wide network of 15+ collection centres across different districts of Maharashtra. It is currently running operations in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad and is trying to grab more market share and expand services across India such as in Surat, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and others in the coming months.

About Kisanserv

Founded in April 2015, Kisanserv is a Market Linkage AgriTech company optimizing price discovery and procurement which traverses through different segments E-Grocery, Eateries, D2C, Enterprise business and trade.

Through its multifaceted approach with the confluence of technology and operational experience, the company optimizes market linkage within food sourcing. It has over 100+ business partners, 1 million customers served and has grown 10x in GMV in the last 2 years.

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