Why Sustainable Living is not a compromise

Why Sustainable Living is not a compromise

Sustainable living is not just a catchphrase, it can be a way of life – one that is important to preserve the environment for future generations. Fortunately, conscious, sustainable living has come a long way and is no longer perceived as an effort. It is cherished as an opportunity to reduce one’s carbon footprint or environmental impact by altering one’s lifestyle. Little things like using public transportation more often, reducing energy consumption, and choosing to shop with eco-friendly brands can go a long way in making this planet a clean and safe place.

The tide is turning and people are becoming more aware of the rise in conscious consumption – a movement that lets us make positive decisions about what to buy and look for while shopping. The trend also lets us search for a solution to the negative impact that consumerism is casting on the world. Lately, the digital world has become abuzz with the word ‘authenticity’ and so, businesses are keeping up with growing demands for ethical behaviour and transparency in functionality, which includes everything from ensuring equal pay for artisans to carrying out environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes, from prevention of forged goods to following responsible farming practices, and breaking the drill of overproduction of goods.

If you are looking for alternatives to the excesses of today’s shopping, and get started on sustainable living, here are three ways to bring about a change in mindset:

Know the cheapest price is rarely the fair price

Once you learn more about conscious consumerism, the fact that the cheapest price is rarely the fair one will dawn upon you. The idea of fair price became contentious just when factories moved overseas. How will you properly judge the fair price of an item made in another country? Most people revere everything inexpensive and do not realise that saving a few Rupees for an item is at the expense of someone else who was not paid justly for making that product. It takes great determination to abandon the instinct of searching for the cheapest price but it is possible.

Practise sustainability without compromising

When you want to make a conscious living, four larger areas of life where you must make modifications are – energy, homes, transportation, and food choices – and they all should be sustainable. 
People who choose to live a sustainable lifestyle embrace renewable energy sources that do not impair the environment, such as water, solar, wind, or geothermal energy. They make small changes in regards of power consumption and make their homes more energy efficient by changing light bulbs, adjusting AC temperatures by a few degrees, or simply turning it off – everything works towards reducing their carbon footprint.

These people also like to build and live in homes made with renewable energy sources, such as adobe, bamboo, composite wood, reclaimed stone or brick, recycled metal and concrete, wood and straw bale- all materials that have been produced in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Similarly, adopting small, fuel-efficient or hybrid cars, over fuel-guzzling four wheel drives, is a more sustainable choice for those wanting to contribute to a conscious lifestyle. Again, a great network of public transport availability aids in making more environmentally-friendly choices, without compromising at all.

One can make sustainable food choices by picking seasonal and locally-grown food, which saves long distance food transport, reducing effects of pollution and hence carbon footprint. It also boosts the local economy, organic variety, and steering clear of chemicals such as pesticides, or herbicides that are used on non-organic foods.

Applaud small changes

Yes, there is still too much consumer paralysis to break but learn to appreciate the small changes. Be happy when you see your friends buying local, treat yourself to coffee in the travel mug you try to carry everywhere, take pride in using products bought from a woke brand that revolutionises shopping by giving you access to delightful zero-compromise products, all the while empowering you to make a positive change, towards yourselves, your family, community, surroundings, and the environment. 

Article republished from: TimesofIndia

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