What are Biofertilizers ?

What are Biofertilizers ?

For a long time, man  attempted to improve agricultural profitability by using many soil organisms. These microorganisms can be developed for a huge scope and made to create significant biofertilizers, to help plant development; and bio-pesticides, to control weeds and pests. This interaction is known as microbial fermentation.

Microorganisms work as the suppliers and protectors. They can add to plant nourishment by changing over significant macromolecules into structures usable by plants, as biofertilizers; or they can shield plants from other  parasitic plants and pests, as bioherbicides and bioinsecticides.

Microbes are important for plants because the Nitrogen and  Phosphorus taken from the environment for growth are insufficient .The microbes can help them get sufficient amounts of these nutrients. Thus they are part of the nitrogen cycle.

An example of fungus Penicillium bilaii can be considered, which permits plants to absorb phosphates from the earth. It does this by delivering an organic acid that  breaks up soil phosphates into a structure that plants may utilize. 

Biofertilizers are substances which contain microbes that enhance growth by supply of primary nutrients to the plant . Biofertilizers use natural processes for nutrient fixation and the microbes restore the nutrient cycle.Researches have proved that biofertilizers can replace the harmful synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

What are Biofertilizers ?

On viewing in detail we can make it simple like during old days the farmers used cow dung as the best manure for cultivation. Later they were replaced by chemical fertilizers causing great harm to the environment and health. Here is the use of biofertilizers.

Cow Dung was used to stimulate the growth of fungus that helps to fix nutrients for plants to absorb. Here in biofertilizers these microbes are directly applied to the plants by covering the seeds in this fertilizer or applying to the roots of the plants. There for this is as same as the older technology that gave us good yield.

Bio-fertilizers with different properties are made by the scientist all around. Bio pesticides, Bio insecticide, Bio fungicide, Growth enhancer. All these fertilizers perform well depending on the soil and climatic conditions. These products helps us in creating organic yields safe for health and diversity.

Advantages of Biofertilizers can be noted as:

  • Increase in crop yield ( 20-30%).
  • Stimulate plant growth.
  • Activate the soil biologically.
  • Restore natural soil fertility.

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