Types of Bio-Pesticides

Types of Bio-Pesticides

Bio-pesticides are Eco-friendly pesticides made from naturally occurring substances or living organisms (plants, microbes). Types of Bio-Pesticides:

Bio-pesticides can be classified into three main types

  • Bio-fungicide: This type prevents fungal growth in and around plants. A good example is Trichoderma.
  • Bio-herbicide: It prevents the growth of herbs and provide plants competition free environment. Example: Phytopthora
  • Bio-insecticide: It helps protecting the plants from insects. Example: Bacillus thuringeinsis

In India, plant extracts have been used in traditional agriculture to protect crops from diseases, pests & insects. Extracts of many plants like turmeric, ginger, tobacco, papaya, tulsi, aloe & neem have been found effective in curing plant diseases.

Neem is a blessing. Neem extracts are effective against many pests types like arthropods, nematodes, fungi, virus etc. Neem oil is extracted from neem seeds and is the best, effective, economical & eco-friendly pesticide.

Advantages of Bio-pesticides

  • Their use will not lead to soil and water pollution as no harmful chemicals are present
  • They decompose very easily as they are made up of bio compounds
  • Ingestion of poisonous chemicals in food cycle will not occur.
  • Bio compounds can be lab-designed to target specific pests.

Health consciousness is increasing among the masses which in turn is creating a demand for organic food. Organic farming when pursued has a problem in countering the pest menace. Bio-pesticides are the right blocks to fill the gap.

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