TRAZENIE – Environmentally Conscious Vegan Brand

TRAZENIE – Environmentally Conscious Vegan Brand

environmentally-conscious vegan brand TRAZENIE strives to create new and contemporary artworks from traditional weaving, embroidery, sketching, and painting techniques. Their pieces are block printed and completely handcrafted. It takes numerous hours to painstakingly place each block after the other on the fabric to achieve the desired pattern and look for the garment. 

They choose to make garments sustainably and consciously with zero wastage. Every garment is made to order.  Eminently optimistic and full of energy they are focused on their mission of continually offering a growing range of innovative and modern designs. At the heart of the brand is its aim to inspire its customers to feel their most free and sensuous.

The label’s earliest and most important innovation was to take a concept that was percolating in luxury circles and make it accessible to a broader group of people. For They adopted an unapologetic, more-is-more aesthetic and an affordable price meant to appeal to the under-20 customer. 

They believe in the power of creation and self-expression. They believe it is an essential component of the human spirit. It is a driving force behind innovation and growth. It is the paradigm itself that drives them and allows them to see beyond the fabric of reality. It brings their imaginations to life and serves as a portal to the future.


Professional beauty products with superior texture and finish for a high payoff. With skincare ingredients added. And what’s more? TRAZENIE BEAUTY formulation was developed democratically! Beauty for our community, created by our community, and for our community.
Tamasha Tubs: These plastic-free tubs are filled with pyaar and plenty of Tamasha. So let go of your inhibitions and have some fun!

About Trazenie

In our spirit, we believe in creation and self-expression. We believe it is integral to the human spirit. It is the catalyst for innovation and growth. It is the very paradigm that drives us and helps us see beyond the fabric of reality. It gives life to our imagination and is a gateway to the future.

Humans have been living beyond the constraints of the present for eons through the tales we tell and the things we create. We at Trazenie only aim to do justice to that innate need to create and tell stories. To express. We truly hope that we are part of your tale of self-expression. 

Trazenie proudly crafts one-of-a-kind, zero-waste & small-batch clothing, beauty & accessories founded on our values of authenticity, respect & beauty.

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