Top 5 EV Charging Station Companies in India

Top 5 EV Charging Station Companies in India

Best EV Charging Station Companies in India | In January 2022, the Ministry of Power released the consolidated guidelines for EV Charging infrastructure in India. To alleviate the range anxiety of the potential Electric Vehicle owners, these guidelines provides that at least one Charging Station shall be available in a grid of 3 Km X 3 Km and one Charging Station shall be set up at every 25 Km on both sides of highways/roads.

However, the current location of EV Charging Stations in limited to few of these national highways & the metropolitan cities of India. We are presently far from achieving the demand (because of the lack of EV charging stations in India), and it is clear that more charging stations are required. There is also a huge demand in big cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

In this article we highlight some of the major EV Charging Station Companies in India that are developing the charging infrastructure & alleviating range anxiety among the EV users.

1. YoCharge

YoCharge is one of the fastest growing EV Charging Management Software Platform Companies in India with extensive Charge Point Operators Network. The company through its CPO partners provides EV Charging Stations across, where it partners provide the complete & prompt services to property owners (or operators) like hotels, petrol-pumps, midways, shops, restaurants etc and installs, operates & maintains charging station on the property.

The renewable energy based company is working towards powering these charging stations with its green electricity generated through solar power plants. They provide variety of charging stations ranging from 7KW to Ultra fast 360 KW. Their charging stations are capable of charging two-wheelers, cars & buses. They have also developed customer private charging stations for Industrial & manufacturing clients substituting material movement within the site/facility through BEVs.

1. Tata Power

Tata Power created the first set of electric vehicle charging stations in Mumbai, India’s financial hub, as part of the Indian government’s “National electric mobility program.” The bespoke EV charging solutions, which are now available in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, provide clients with easy access to energy-efficient alternatives while also forming the infrastructural backbone for a burgeoning EV ecosystem.

Various charging requirements and quality are available. There are a variety of electric car categories and manufacturers to choose from.They provide charging station services for EV Fleet Charging Services, Industrial Spaces & Workplace Charging and more use case situations.

3. Jio-Bp 

As the pair climbs the petroleum retail network, billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and supermajor BP have constructed one of the country’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging centres in Delhi. They provide a variety of fuel options as well as EV charging station services.

Jio-BP is the brand name used by Reliance BP Mobility Limited. Intending to become India’s premier electric car charging facility provider, the firm has collaborated with several market generators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and software companies. The joint company aspires to be India’s premier provider of electric car charger networks.

4. ABB 

ABB focuses on creating a smarter, accessible, and more reliable form of mobility accessible for everyone. It offers a complete EV charging solution in various features, including compact, high-quality AC wall boxes and innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems.

ABB provides a broad variety of electric vehicle quick charge solutions ranging from 20 to 350 kW, as well as bus board unit up to 600 kW. ABB EV chargers come with a variety of compatible devices for distant servicing and upgrades. ABB’s EV charging technology meets the necessary safety and reliability requirements and is supported by the industry’s most trusted technical and organizational specialists.

ABB is laying the groundwork for a future of more competent, more dependable, and emission-free transportation that is available to everyone, everywhere. They are implementing infrastructure that meets the demands of the future generation of more intelligent transportation, from small, high-quality AC wall boxes to dependable DC fast-charging stations with solid communication to revolutionary on-demand electric bus charging systems.

Connected chargers from ABB provide quick worldwide servicing and proactive maintenance. ABB has a long history of designing, building, and sustaining infrastructure facilities, including multiple countrywide charging networks.

5. Delta Electronics

For more than 40 years, the Delta Group, a Taiwanese-owned international, has concentrated on clean- energy technology. The Delta EV Chargers deliver high performance with a power efficiency of 94%, a seamlessly integrated system that fuels better support communication and swift instructions.

The charging stations are certified with globally recognized UL, IEC, CHAdeMO, CQC, and CNS. Delta Electronics Pvt Ltd. installed Mumbai’s first DC Fast-Charger station at Maharastra Mantralaya. It has a capacity of 15 kW and is made according to the Bharat EV specifications.

Delta in India operates in three different categories: Power Electronics, Automation, and Infrastructure. Delta has a comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient advanced EV charging stations that work well with e-buses, e-cars, and commercial electric vehicles.

Delta offers energy-efficient EV charging technologies, comprising AC and DC chargers but also ‘Site Control Systems,’ in terms of electrical devices and manufacturing and construction robotics.

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