Top 10 Sustainable Product Marketplaces in India

Top 10 Sustainable Product Marketplaces in India

Top 10 Sustainable Product Marketplaces in India: To help you navigate through a sea of sustainable and ethical brands, we have evaluated & handpicked some amazing sustainable products marketplaces in India for conscious consumers.

As the trend of sustainability and eco-friendly products are marching up, there are growing concerns over ‘greenwashing’. That’s why we have researched some of the best and ethical eco-friendly marketplaces that display truly sustainable and responsibly made products that you can trust.

Take a sneak peek into what these sustainable product marketplaces got in store for you!

Top Sustainable Product Marketplaces in India


Why choose: Sustainkart is an eco-friendly and fair trade online shop that has a well-designed and distinguished collection of products that serves different purposes.

  1. Biodegradable: The products are biodegradable and compostable or can be recycled.
  2. Cruelty-free: The products listed adhere to cruelty-free policy and they ensure that all their products meet the standards.
  3. Organic: Most of the products are organically sourced which ensures better ethical practices by the vendor
  4. Durable and Versatile: Most of the products listed are durable and are versatile with multiple to make sure quality options are offered to the customers.

Categories: Fashion, Decor, Gifting, Furniture, Kids, Food and Nutrition, Wellness, and Petcare.

Brown living

Brown Living

Why choose: Brown Living has its proprietary evaluation method, coined as the Brown Lens which is a framework based on which items are selected and evaluated to be listed. With their thorough selection process, Brown Living aims to promote a waste-free lifestyle for their conscious customers.

  1. Method: The Brown Lens looks into the processing method and evaluates the resources used in the manufacturing process. It also looks into the techniques of manufacturing and calculates the carbon footprint.
  2. Packaging: Another crucial aspect of sustainable products is packaging. The Brown Lens evaluates the waste that is generated from the packaging and checks if it can be minimized at all.
  3. Durability: The products are also evaluated based on their usage, preference, and durability with the quality promised for conscious customers.
  4. Source: The criteria requirements also filter through the ingredients used to make the product and what are the sources of these raw materials.
  5. Life and beyond: The product is filtered to the extent of its impact after use. The environmental impact is evaluated and assessed if it can be reused.

Categories: Care, Wear, Home, Eat and Drink, Travel, Gifts

Shipping Policy: The site offers free shipping via PROMO code for orders Rs.2000 and above. However, for order values below Rs.2000, the site has mentioned the rates according to different order value slabs.


Infinite x Marketplace

Why choose InfiniteX:

  1. An organization with the best practical brands

They cooperate with brands that strictly follow reasonable practices while curating their items. Their manageability esteems incorporate practices like utilization of 100% natural material, utilization of vegetarian materials, eco-accommodating handling, reasonable exchange, reasonable pay, and so on Our image accomplices don’t simply sell items. Every last one of them has a fascinating story and a convincing reason behind their existence.

  • Commitment with clients with high manageability esteems

Clients are the main piece of their worth chain. Their help towards Infinite X aides drives this entire drive towards its objective of zero landfills.

  • Teaming up with Circularity Partners

Their circularity accomplices help us complete the circle. They guarantee that each dress gathered from our clients returns into the worth chain as opposed to winding up in a landfill.

Categories: Women, Men, Kids, Babies, Footwear, Masks, Jewellery, Home and Accessories


Featured Image upcycleluxe

Why choose: The UpcycleLuxe Sustainability Evaluation interfaces the commitment of SDGs to each address. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) distinguish worldwide supportable advancement needs and targets for 2030 and intend to join worldwide endeavors around a common arrangement of objectives.

SDGs empower organizations to investigate pertinent pointers that might help estimate and reveal the sustainability practices and advancement of the association.

Categories: Women, Men, Accessories, Home



Why choose: is an eco-friendly marketplace whose center is to unite all small and medium businesses who are as of now creating products that are eco sustainable, made out of a pre cherished thing, or is upcycled /reused. It may very well be anything from garments to footwear or Home Décor and so forth.

  1. Organic and Natural personal care are products that are made from natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and are certified for organic ingredients.
  2. Green, homegrown, and Toxin-Free Home consideration arrangements like cleaners, dishwashing specialists, and different supplies are not brutal and are biodegradable.
  3. Plastic-free options to a large portion of your everyday needs that are produced using Bamboo, coconut shells, coir, banana fiber, and so forth
  4. Astonishing packs produced using overabundance materials or reused pet containers., repurposed fabric, or other material.
  5. Exceptional products that are high quality and advance sustainability eg; an elephant cutting from an old log of rescued wood.

Categories: Fashion and Accessories, Home and Kitchen, Kids-babies-toys, Events-gifts-festival shop, Personal Care, Stationary and Pet Care


Why choose: Qtrove is a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells sustainable products from passionate small businesses all across India.

  1. Curated marketplace: The marketplace curates and caters to buyers and sellers. They ensure that the seller adheres to standards and practices ethical business so that the customers receive holistic products.
  2. Lifestyle photograph: You can now test the products in an actual lifestyle setting. It gives realistic images of the product and helps you to get the most out of it before buying the product.
  3. Seller profiles: They ensure to give a back story of all the sellers of the products who are the real heroes to bring in a change in the society

Categories: Food, Beverages, Bath and Beauty, Home Decor, Fashion and Fitness, Home Care, More.

Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon- Sustainable Product Marketplaces

Why choose: Vanity Wagon supports each brand that we bring to you. To be supported by Vanity, the items must be extravagant, safe, and viable. They need to do what they guarantee. They are challenging for our brands – some might say, in our undertaking to discover the right items for your body. Here’s our 3 stage endorsement measure.

a. The interaction begins with scanning the market for the items that are known to be the best at what they guarantee to do and that have been created flawlessly for their clients.

b. Each item on Vanity must be liberated from these toxins. When we are certain that the brand keeps this and every one of its items is alright for you we proceed to test them.

c. The last advance in the Vanity Approval Process is to more readily advise our team and the customers regarding these items.

Categories: Body Care, Hair Care, Face Care, Makeup


Ecohoy - Sustainable Product Marketplaces

Why choose:

The goal of this marketplace platform is to give you reasonable and eco-solutions for your everyday necessities and consequently lessening your carbon impression. Complete honesty of the ecological effect of items and related certificates have been addressed alongside item postings. Clients can accept an educated choice when contrasted with other ordinary items and administrations.

Categories: Organic Food, Kitchen, Electronics, Kids, fashion and Personal Care


Onegreen - Sustainable Product Marketplaces

Why choose:

OneGreen has its in-house validation tool called OneGreen Index. It helps them to drive an A-level assurance about the consumers and the brand that is available on the platform.

  1. The platform tests validate and confirm the claims given by their partner company.
  2. It checks and verifies the authenticity of the certificates and the backing authority.
  3. It further does deeper research to research and checks every ingredient and claim by the company.

Categories: Baby and kids, Personal care, Food and beverages, Home and dining, apparel and others


EcoWorkx - Sustainable Product Marketplaces

Why choose:

If you are looking for holistic and local handmade products, sourced from artisans near Bangalore, Ecoworkx is your go-to marketplace. Ecoworkx personally verifies all the products before listing them on the portal.

Categories: Stationery, Personal care, Bags, Apparel, Home Decor, and KitchenWare

Let us know in comments of any other such sustainable product marketplaces in India that should be on this list.

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