The Importance of water purification

The Importance of water purification

Water is vital for the development and proper functioning of the body, so it is important to drink water regularly, it is recommended to consume 6 to 8 glasses throughout the day. Let’s remember that our body is made up of 70% water, therefore it is one of the things we need to live healthily.

However, not all water has the optimal quality for consumption, so it is essential to carry out the water purification process by which bacteria and other contaminants are eliminated, and the final result is a pure, quality, healthy liquid safe for consumption.

On the other hand, it is sometimes thought that water purification is exclusive to homes since, in them, it is generally very common to install purifiers. However, currently, there are solutions such as the Rotoplas public drinking fountains, in which you can also obtain this type of high-quality resource, free of contaminants, and free of charge.

The purification of water is thus, a process of great importance since it allows supplying water ready to be consumed to huge human groups. In general, this process is carried out by specialized companies that apply a series of processes to water extracted from large rivers or lakes. The fluid treatment is carried out until it has conditions of odor, color, and taste; once these conditions are reached, the water is distributed to be consumed without contamination problems. There is a great need to lower costs in regard to this process, a circumstance that will undoubtedly mean the solution to the problems that affect many human beings.

There is a natural process of water purification, a process that is present in nature and that concerns its evaporation with the subsequent existence of rainfall. As we know, water enters the atmosphere in the form of steam, especially in areas of high temperatures. Subsequently, when this steam comes into contact with cold fronts, it returns to its liquid state and falls to the ground. In this process, the contamination that the water could have is lost. However, today there is a phenomenon that affects different regions and is called acid rain, a phenomenon that is due to the mixing of water with polluting elements that are the product of the industrial process and that are found in the atmosphere.

In the case of purification by human hand, the process is usually carried out by filtering and adding chemical agents as essential steps. The addition of chemical elements serves to eliminate microscopic organisms, while filtering serves to eliminate the suspension of elements in the water, elements ranging from particles to the same chemicals mentioned.

Filtering water is of enormous importance, given the current circumstances, circumstances that account for a growing population, and high levels of contamination in freshwater sources. This state of affairs makes water supply an increasingly relevant need, a supply that can only be realized with the purification of water. In this regard, it is expected that the methodologies used will increase in terms of efficiency, an improvement that can only be carried out through investments and technological developments. Fortunately, when there is an increasing demand that increases the price of water, there are also increases in the incentives to carry out these actions.

Now we must know why water purification is so important and what are the purification methods. 

Benefits of water purification

By purifying water, numerous health-enhancing benefits are obtained. The water found in wells, rivers, lakes, and even rainwater, may contain impurities and contaminants such as metals, arsenic, pesticides, etc., on some occasions. It can also have other types of pollutants that become as or more harmful than the bacteria themselves. The importance of water purification and proper consumption prevents illnesses and health problems.

Health: water purification and consumption are directly related to people’s well-being, the result of drinking water free of contaminants helps the good performance of the body’s organs such as the heart since blood flows correctly through the bloodstream to the organs, tissues, etc., prevents headaches, fatigue, helps the digestive system to correctly perform the absorption function of nutrients from food, prevents constipation, helps to eliminate fat from the body, keeps the skin hydrated and soft, among many other benefits.

Other benefits of water purification refer to the fact that it is healthier, it can also be used to cook, wash vegetables, prepare drinks or feed your pets, and if a purifier is installed or accessed, through the Rotoplas public drinking fountains, there is a continuous supply of fresh water free of contaminants.

Savings: An important advantage is that water purification is synonymous with savings, by reducing the demand for the consumption of other products that contain flavorings and sweeteners that harm health, reducing medical expenses derived from visits for diseases caused by consumption. of contaminated water, among other factors.

Environment: in addition, water purification helps preserve the environment, since Pet consumption is reduced and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are reduced.

We insist so much on the importance of water purification, because, in some populations, the water from the public service or that leaves the treatment plants is transported through pipes that may be worn and corroded, which may have polluting agents and reach your home, office, schools, hospitals, etc., in poor condition, that is why a process of water purification must be carried out for its consumption.

What methods exist to purify water?

Rotoplas public drinking fountains are designed with a water purification process using filters manufactured with the highest quality

Boil water: it is one of the most used and easy methods, however, it is effective only for small amounts, all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. are eliminated by boiling, the process must be carried out in a container with a lid and it should be boiled approximately 5 minutes after boiling, then uncover, let cool and ready. This process can slightly alter the taste of the water.

Disinfection by chlorine: This alternative is very simple and economic, it can be with drops or tablets of chlorine, during a period of 30 minutes, the amounts depend on the liters of water and the initial concentration of sodium hypochlorite, and with that microorganisms are eliminated.

Disadvantages of using these methods to purify water

Although they are very simple and inexpensive, the former alter the taste of water, and the latter if chlorine drops are not readily available, the water cannot be disinfected at the time it is required.

This is why there are more sophisticated solutions such as ceramic filters, activated carbon filters, or reverse osmosis filters. And if we mention more advanced methods, we can say that water purification can be achieved through ultraviolet disinfection, this technique almost completely eliminates bacteria, contaminants, and chemicals.

On the other hand, in public places such as a club, a school, a hospital, or a shopping center, it is very common to find public drinking fountains. Sure, when you saw them for the first time, you wondered if the water they supply is drinkable and healthy, the answer is yes, the Rotoplas public drinking fountains include a filter system with which you obtain high-quality purified water. Therefore, they are an efficient alternative in public spaces in large cities or in commercial places.

Finally, water purification can also be achieved by equipping our home with complementary actions and solutions. These include regular maintenance of facilities, cleaning of water tanks or tubs, and installation of household filters.

Guest Post by: Suni Trivedi

Sunil Trivedi is the Managing Director of Aqua Drink. With 15 years of experience in the water purification industry, Sunil and his team have been ensuring that his clients consume 100% potable water to lead a healthy life and keeping water-borne diseases miles away.

Disclaimer: This is guest post by above author, all the information in the article is provided by author. Readers are requested to verify the information. has only published the information and is not responsible for an errors or omissions.

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