Natural Indian Immunity Boosters that you can buy from Amazon

Natural Indian Immunity Boosters that you can buy from Amazon

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck, over 6.9 lakh people have died across the world, while 182 lakhs of others have been infected. Recovery in most cases has largely been reliant on the human body’s natural defence, the immune system. Ayurvedic concoctions, fruit juices, vitamin pills, zinc tablets and other products that help to improve body’s natural immune system have been in growing demand. In this post, we highlight few Natural Indian Immunity Boosters that you can buy from Amazon.

Turmeric Latte

Turmeric milk (Golden Milk) is an Ayurvedic beverage. Curcumin, the component within Turmeric which is responsible for its miracle powers, has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & anti bacterial properties. It is a natural body cleanser and can be your daily Natural Detox drink.

Immunity Booster Gummies

Immunity Boosters Gummies contains well-researched, science-backed ingredients such as Vitamins C, D, A and Zinc that can help nourish and strengthen the immune system to prevent and fight infections better.

Herbal Green Tea

Herbal green tea helps in detoxification, rejuvenation, metabolism and helps build immunity. The tea usually has a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and spices with Organic Green Tea to release all toxins from your system.

Natural Giloy Juice or Capsules

Giloy is a vine, when it grows around a neem tree, it gets more bitter and efficacious and has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages. Giloy is a renowned hypoglycemic agent; it can help keep sugar levels in control. Regular consumption of the juice has a calming effect on your body and keeping every day fatigue under check.

Now a days, Giloy is organically grown around neem trees, to incorporate the medicinal benefits of neem as well. Then matured stems are cut and mixed with freshly cut leaves of Tulsi plant or amla. The juice is extracted and mixed in a ratio which gives maximum health benefits.

While these above products can help in boosting body’s natural immunity, eating a balanced diet can help you stay well. There are number of natural immunity boosters foods, fruits, vegetables that can also help to boost your immunity.

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