How to reduce Electricity bill in India

How to reduce Electricity bill in India

Every time we get our electricity bill, there is a worry in our mind that it almost keeps on increasing. However, rather than doing anything we just keep it aside thinking that government decided electricity rates and you cannot do anything except pay, which is wrong. In fact, you can actually take some simple actions to reduce electricity bill.

Simple Tips to Cut Your Electricity Bills:

Air-Conditioning (AC):

  • Run Air-Conditioning at 24-25 degrees
    • The electric power consumed by Air-Conditioner (AC) depends much on the temperature setting. So if you run the AC with 18 degree temperature then it will consume much more power than when you run your AC at  24-25 degrees.
  • If buying new AC buy 5 Star – Inverter based AC
    • Inverter tech AC’s can optimize  power consumption with the load by themselves and so for continuous working, use of inverter AC can result in considerable power savings.
  • See Windows and Ventilations:
    • If there is leakage of air from the room, then hot air from outside will keep on coming inside the room and exchange with cold air of the room. As a result the air-conditioner has to work extra and consumes more power.
  • Get your annual checkup
    • Make sure your systems are running at their highest efficiency by having annual professional cleanings and checkups.

Appliances with Remote:

  • Switch-off Vs. Standby
    • For equipments like TV etc that work with remote, when we switch-off them with remote, they actually do not get completely switch-off but go to standby-remote. This standby configuration keeps on taking up about 5% of power. So when you don’t plan to use the devise for long-hours, instead of just switching -off from remote, switch-off the main plug.
  • Always buy 5 Star products
    • 5 Star products are most efficient for electricity consumption. Hence, while demanding color, brand and other features, also demand 5 star rating appliances

Lights Bulbs:

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs.
    • Compact fluorescent (CFL) are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulb and light emitting diode (LEDs) bulbs are more efficient than even CFL bulbs, so switch to LED bulbs.
  • Make use of Natural light
    • Rather than closing the curtains and blinds and working under the lights, it will be both economical and refreshing to make use of natural light.

Make use of subsidy/discounts:

  • Pay before due date:
    • In India there is usually 2-4% surcharge, if you pay the bill after due date. Hence, always remember to pay bill before due date.
  • Make use of online offers:
    • Because of the recent increase in wallet apps, your discoms have also come online, you credit-cards and make use of discount codes to pay electricity bills.
  • Subsidy:
    • Discoms provide subsidy for installation of various equipments that save power consumption like solar water heaters etc. Installing these equipments saves electricity bills by two ways, one by reducing power use and other by subsidy.

Now, these were easy methods to save on electricity bills  without occurring any major costs. However, the most followed and sustainable method to reduce your electricity bill is to switch to Solar Power. Solar power systems have service life of 25 years, and have the potential to make your electricity bill even to zero.

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