How To Clean – Posture Correctors For Women

How To Clean – Posture Correctors For Women

A proper and correct posture is a reflection of a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle. You can improve these through regular exercise and consciously standing or sitting up straight. By wearing the best posture corrector for women, maintaining a correct posture can eventually become a habit. 

According to Morihei Ueshiba, “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” That may seem like a lot of pressure to put on good posture, but the health benefits of maintaining it are medically proven. Whether the need is medical or not, choosing the best posture corrector for women can drastically change your life. And although choosing the best is a great way to start the journey, the key to results is maintenance and consistency.

Let’s find out some practical maintenance tips to keep posture correctors snug and comfortable. 

A Quick Guide To Posture Correctors For Women

Having excellent posture is more than just looking good. A good posture ensures that pressure is evenly distributed to the different muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your body. This, in turn, allows you to work efficiently since your bones and muscles are in good health. Think of good posture as a snowball effect: It all starts with good posture. While some people find good posture to be second nature to them, it may be more challenging for others.

Types Of Posture Correctors And How To Clean Them 

The best posture corrector for women has to be lightweight and somehow stylish. If it has to be worn daily, it should blend with clothes seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry about your garment choices. 

Back Braces

This is a common type of posture corrector that goes over the shoulders and pushes the spine’s middle region, improving the upper spine and neck posture.

  • How to clean: 

You can immerse your back brace in a mixture of mild soap and water. If you cannot give it a thorough cleaning yet, wipe the brace with rubbing alcohol so it’s constantly fresh for use. Rubbing alcohol also removes any soap residue on the brace that may cause skin irritation and odor.

Posture shirts

These trendy shirts have an elastic material that presses on your muscles in the guise of a regular shirt. And because they already come as a form of clothing, you’ll have more access to different colors, sizes, and shapes. 

  • How to clean: 

Posture shirts can be machine-washed using a gentle cycle but can NOT be tumbled dry. Fabric softeners are also discouraged since it affects the performance of the shirt’s Neurobands.

Posture belts

Unlike back braces, posture belts correct posture from the base. They’re not used for medical purposes. Instead, they are common as rectifying bad posture habits and are usually worn by people who sit too long at a desk.

  • How to clean: 

Similar to back braces, posture belts can be cleaned by immersing them in a mixture of water and mild soap. And instead of wiping it down with rubbing alcohol, you can add it to a spray bottle and spray areas when needed. 

Electronic posture corrector 

These high-tech devices are equipped with vibrating correctors that buzz you when you start slouching. It can be a sound or a vibration, and it can be worn on different parts of the body as a form of smart wear.

  • How to clean: 

The straps that come with this can be wiped clean with rubbing alcohol, but the device should be cleaned with a dry towel or antibacterial wipes. 

Posture Corrector Bras

The best posture corrector for women must be customized to a woman’s shape. These gender-specific correctors usually come with thicker straps, separated cups, and an easy-close mechanism at the front. These corrector bras attempt to rectify the posture from the chest area, focusing on the upper body. 

  • How to clean: 

Similar to posture shirts, these corrector bras are made of material sensitive to tumble drying. When cleaning a posture bra, treat it like you would a regular bra. Hand wash it with a mild detergent without fabric softeners and hang to dry. 

NOTE: Always refer to the recommended cleaning methods of each type of posture corrector for optimal results. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before donning to prevent an allergic reaction and build-up of odor.


The best posture corrector for women will only work if it is worn consistently. And although that may sound like a lot of work, rest assured it will ensure your comfort even while in a corrector. And because a clean posture corrector contributes a lot to comfort, it’s important to keep these simple maintenance tips in mind.

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