5 Eco-friendly furniture brands in India for a stylish & conscious home

5 Eco-friendly furniture brands in India for a stylish & conscious home

Conscious consumerism is not just limited to food and clothing. Every item that is available at home is sourced from somewhere. It is also a crucial factor to ensure that the thing is sustainable. On the bright side, many brands in India offer eco-friendly furniture.

Sustainable furniture is also a part of being conscious. Many people want options in furniture that does not have toxic materials, ones that are unhealthy for people and the planet. These eco-friendly furniture brands in India are also expected to have ethical working conditions and manufacturing practices.

The use and throw habit is harming nature and exploiting resources. Eco-friendly furniture is the one that has the most negligible negative impact on the environment. They are usually recycled and reused from materials from stores and sales to build unique furniture with almost negligible carbon emissions.

Wages, working conditions, age specifications, and everything in the construction directly or indirectly play a role in the products’ carbon footprint can and eco-friendly furniture helps ecological issues.

There are a variety of eco-friendly and affordable furniture options available. The brands use materials that are harvested from sustainable resources and recycled goods. It focuses on fair trade and responsible production.

#1 Sirohi

Overview: Sirohi was started in 2012 in an Arcadian village in rural Haryana known as Sirohi. It is an incredible village located in the hills of Aravali that is known for its sustainable lifestyle.

Workforce: The company is now a team of over 200 strong women who work and are financially independent in their community. Sirohi also looks to leverage the skillset by handcrafting luxury products that are good quality for conscious home decor. We focus on supporting local women and artisans to acquire the necessary tools and create practical products.

Materials: Sirohi uses natural fabrics like cotton and jute fibres that are upcycled plastic or textile waste that are locally found to fuel in the circular economy. The products are manufactured in a sustainable and straightforward manner that infuses heritage with modern designs reducing.

#2 Econiture

Overview: Recycle Bell Private Limited tries to solve the problem with urban waste management by redirecting recyclables from landfills to something more resourceful. The company focuses on managing dry waste, which makes up to 25% of the waste and is tough to manage. Econiture works on the principle of a circular economy where recycled items are used to create new products.

The furniture that is offered by Econiture is made from 100% recycled plastic, redirecting the waste from landfills and oceans to something useful. The innovation and versatility are achieved after the plastic is recycled. The furnitures are eco friendly and sustainable as it reduces deforestation and consumption of fresh resources.

Workforce: Econiture has a robust system of using recycled plastic waste and saves up a lot of resource that can lead to deforestation.

Materials: The furniture is built to last, with righteous testing to ensure that it doesn’t break, crack or rot. The furniture can be easily cleaned with soap and water not affecting the paint or finishing of the furniture.

#3 Sadaya Guild

Overview: Sadaya Guild strives to create furniture that is made from the finest material for furniture. The best part is the wood that is used is sourced from post-consumer waste. The company strives to focus on repurposing waste material that is available and creating a small circular economy.

The packaging material used is sourced from wastes generated by the packaging of neighbour industries. This helps to minimise the carbon footprint by diverting the waste from landfills to the products. The carbon footprint is minimised as the nature of the business is to restrict the carbon.

Workforce: The company is known to have a religious discipline towards established systems in a way to improve quality and increase efficiency. The company also ensures that the qualities of excellent craftsmanship are met, with established systems and innovation.

Materials: The company creates products that are made by perfection and excellence. The materials used are sustainable and repurposed. The wood that is used for the second time is a lot more stable, durable and beautifully matures.

#4 Eco Deco

Overview: The company strives to create a circular economy and a sustainable recycling infrastructure that ensures reduction in the use of plastic waste and working with ragpickers.

The mission of the company is to ensure reduced use of virgin plastic and involve eco-boards to reduce unnecessary wood consumption and deforestation. All the products listed are made from 100% recycled plastic

Workforce: All the partners are also sustainably responsible, ensuring that the supply chain has a minimum carbon footprint.

Materials: The eco deco furniture is made from solid wood that is recycled from different post-consumer products. It also gives the wood a mature, rustic and natural look. Furniture is designed in a similar fashion that goes well with the texture of the wood. The furniture is definitely unique and handcrafted that you won’t find elsewhere.

#5 The Second Wind

Overview: The Second Wind is a design studio based in Gurugram. The company integrates old fashioned style with modernity. The company renovates and rejuvenates the objects to furniture and create a mix of old and new designs, with the purpose to upcycle and repurpose the used materials.

Workforce: The workers and employees are professional enough to create some stunning environment-friendly home decors. The company is passionate to renovate and rejuvenating creating some utility which is quite a thoughtful thing to do. The brand has been headed by Ira Maurya and Abhinav Mehta, who now offer a range of home accessories, upcycled furniture and other restored products that can be quite hard to find elsewhere.

Materials: The materials used for creating the furniture is usually the ones that are discarded. The materials are repurposed and redirected from going useless in the landfills and rather goes for upcycling.


These businesses are definitely taking creativity and consciousness to a whole new level. It is great to see businesses that repurpose and redirect waste. Most of these business models try to imitate a circular economy and make the best use of the waste that is discarded.

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