Best Eco Friendly Reusable Vegetable Storage Fridge Bags You Can Buy Online

Best Eco Friendly Reusable Vegetable Storage Fridge Bags You Can Buy Online

Do you know the disposable plastic bags that you use to store fresh vegetables & fruits not only reduce the shelf-life of your favourite veggies ? Moreover, when you dispose those plastic bags they end up in our environment and cause plastic pollution. It is time you switch from those plastic bags to eco-friendly storage bags. To help you with the switch, we have carefully curated the best available eco-friendly reusable vegetable storage bags that you can buy online.

Best Eco Friendly Reusable Vegetable Storage Bags

1. Arka – 100% Cotton Vegetable Storage Fridge Bags (Set of 10)

Arka Bags are super soft, breathable, 100% eco-friendly reusable fridge bags made of pure cotton exclusively for vegetables. These bags are non-toxic made with no chemicals, made from natural delicate cotton fabric, that keeps your Vegetables fresh for a longer time in the fridge.

The beautiful prints on these bags make them aesthetic and trendy. These bags come with a convenient drawstring closure. It is easy to use and hassle-free and can be adjusted to fit any amount of vegetables.

These bags are pre-washed to remove any residue of the production process and also to allow for shrinkage before cutting the cloth. Arka bags can be washed by hand or in a machine and reused many times over.

Arka provides employment to 40+ rural women for carrying various stages of bag production such as stitching, cutting, checking and packing. So when you buy this product, you indirectly support the rural women.

2. Beddify 100% Cotton Set of 12 Reusable Fridge Storage Bags for Vegetables and Fruits 

Beddify vegetables and fruits bags are non-toxic and chemical less made from 100% natural cotton fabric. The bags can be used again and again without causing any concerns. Store in the bags, wash it, and then use it again. It is that simple.

Beddify’s storage bags are created to enhance the life of fruits, veggies, and groceries. These storage bags come with a pull-string closure which is easy to use and sturdier than a zip lock. The package includes 12 bags of multiple sizes including – 4 Large Size Bag (10 x 14 Inch) 4 Medium Size Bag (9 X 11 Inch) & 4 Small Size Bag (8 X 9 Inch)

3. Earthy Fab 100% Cotton Net Mesh Fridge Storage Bag for Vegetables and Fruits Storage

Earthy Fab cotton mesh bags for vegetables are the best eco alternative to end plastic waste from our day to day activities. The breathable cotton net fabric allows ethylene gas to escape, which keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for longer in the fridge. 

Your purchase will support livelihood for women groups who made these fruit and vegetable bags. The bags are available in two sizes – medium size that is 10.5X13 Inches and large size that is 13X15 Inches.

4. Clean Planet Multipurpose Vegetable Storage Fridge Bags

Clean Planet Eco Veggie bags are non-toxic, BPA-free, and chemical free bags made from natural delicate cotton fabric, that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer time in the fridge & kitchen.

5. Other Choices:

Did you know plastic bags have only existed for about 50 years and yet it is estimated that 99% of all plastic ever produced still exists today? It’s time to stop using plastic for single/limited use and take things back to basics. Eco Veggie Bags are a great first step in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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