Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush in India

Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush in India

Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes in India | A toothbrush is one of the essential parts of our daily routine. If you are thinking about making your life sustainable, one of the simplest and easiest ways is to create a simple switch in your everyday routine items. Switching from plastic toothbrushes to eco-friendly alternatives is a great way to shift to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Twenty-eight billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded every year – and all the toothbrushes end up in the landfills and take years to decompose. The plastic waste produced is not the only problem. While making nylon, bristles emit nitrous oxide and are released into the atmosphere as a bi-product, a greenhouse gas that is much more potent than carbon dioxide. 

Changing our plastic brush for a bamboo toothbrush is a simple method for all of us to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. Bamboo toothbrushes include a natural bamboo handle that decomposes in 6 months, reducing their environmental effect. Bamboo, a fast-growing plant species, can be produced quickly and responsibly, ideal for brushes and other items.

We can significantly reduce our environmental effects by switching to bamboo toothbrushes throughout our lifetimes. You’ll not only be avoiding other plastic toothbrushes from ending up in landfills or the ocean, but you’ll also be establishing a good comparison for others. Sadly, most retailers only offer plastic toothbrushes, making it tough to acquire sustainable toothbrushes created from natural substances. So to help you choose better, we have compiled a list of eco-friendly Bamboo toothbrushes that you can find in India. 

1. Bamboo India

Bamboo India was founded in Pune to change the people’s perception of bamboo as a wise decision as a plastic products replacement. 

The brand aims to offer everyday products made from bamboo so that people can easily replace single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives. The brand has different kinds of toothbrushes that serve other users. The range of toothbrushes offered by Bamboo India includes Standard toothbrushes, neem and charcoal-infused toothbrushes and find bristles toothbrushes. 

The bamboo used in the handle is made from ethically sourced Indian bamboo, which is heat-treated to carbonize the bamboo, which gives shelf-life to the bamboo wood. The bristles are BPA free which makes them more sustainable. 

2. Mirakia Bamboo 

The brushes offered by Mirakia Bamboo are ideal for kids and adults alike. It is available in a pack of 5. It is safe for all and can be easily discarded in the environment and by returning it to earth in compost. The brushes are made from natural bamboo, which is locally sourced. The wood is antibacterial and biodegradable. The bristles are delicate, which helps to promote oral hygiene. 

3. Terrabrush

Terra is an eco-friendly platform based in India that aims to provide accessibility to millions of people to make sustainable choices every day. The toothbrushes offered by Terra come in a pack of four. The toothbrushes are durable and splinter-free. Terrabrush is not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but also vegan. The toothbrush is made from organic bamboo and is free from harmful paint and other chemicals. 

4. Rusabl Bamboo Toothbrush

The Rusabl bamboo toothbrush is one of a kind. It has ultra-soft bristles that are BPA-free and gently help clean the enamel and gums, cleaning the gum line without any discomfort. The eco-friendly brushes are also biodegradable and take about six months to degrade.

The charcoal-infused bristles help keep the teeth clean by removing stains and providing better oral health. The toothbrush is designed for better grip and processed to be waterproof, allowing you to brush more effectively. 

5. Amazon Brand Solimo Bamboo Toothbrushes

The Amazon Brand – Solimo Bamboo Toothbrush is made from 100% biodegradable good quality bamboo. It has soft bristles for effective cleaning which are BPA-free and gentle on tooth enamel and gums. The handle doesn’t provide rough edges and thus is comfortable to use. The design is compact to hit the targets that are hard to reach to remove plaque build-up. The toothbrushes have different markings for easy identification. 

6. Lady Thikhai 

Lady Thikhai’s bamboo toothbrush is made from organic bamboo that is ethically sourced. The bristles are made of charcoal-infused nylon material.

The toothbrush comes with a biodegradable and water-resistant handle. However, the toothbrushes are nondurable and can be only used for some months, depending on your maintenance.

7. Doc 32 

Doc 32 takes the eco-friendly toothbrushes to a whole new level. The toothbrushes are handcrafted using ethically sourced and healthy ingredients. The toothbrush is approved by dentists and has a strategically designed handle for better grip.

The handle is biodegradable and is made from wheat straw, coated with natural wax to keep the hold dry and durable. The charcoal bristles also have a dual filament design – a combination of longer and shorter bristles that helps to go between the teeth and gums to remove any unsuitable item to get out. 

8. Almitra Sustainable 

The FDA sanctions this toothbrush. It is strategically designed to maintain better oral health. The Almitra bamboo toothbrush is eco friendly and is a sustainable and easy upgrade to plastic toothbrushes. It is made of bamboo, also known for its antibacterial properties. The bristles are also made from bamboo fibres, making them plant-based and completely biodegradable. The toothbrush is free from chemicals, cruelty and 100% vegan. 

9. ECO365

The ECO365 Bamboo Toothbrush is a hand-made product with biodegradable features. The bristles have activated charcoal extract that ensure extra care to your teeth more than just whitening.

The pack includes 2 Natural biodegradable Bamboo Tooth brushwith Charcoal infused bristles that help in better cleaning, whitening of teeth, prevents foul breath, fighting plaque and bacteria for better oral health

It is advised to store the bamboo toothbrushes in dry places as bamboo has tendency to have black spots over time. 

Dentists always recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months for better dental care. So, it is the perfect time for you to upgrade with bamboo toothbrushes to kickstart your day with an eco-friendly alternative

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