9 Compressed Biogas Plants commissioned in India under SATAT

9 Compressed Biogas Plants commissioned in India under SATAT

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha on Monday, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas  Shri Dharmendra Pradhan mentioned that so far 9 Compressed Biogas Plants have been commissioned in India under SATAT initiative.

“Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT)” scheme was launched on October 01, 2018 wherein Oil and Gas Marketing Companies (OGMCs) are inviting Expression of Interest (EoI) from potential entrepreneur to procure Compressed Bio Gas (CBG).

Compressed Bio-Gas is exactly similar to the commercially available natural gas in its composition and energy potential. With calorific value (~52,000 KJ/kg) and other properties similar to CNG, Compressed Bio-Gas can be used as an alternative, renewable automotive fuel.

Incentives to CBG Plants under SATAT Scheme:

  • Assured price for offtake of CBG with long term agreements by OGMCs;
  • Inclusion of bio manures produced from CBG plants as Fermented Organic Manure (FOM) under Fertilizer Control Order 1985;
  • Inclusion of CBG projects under Priority Sector Lending by RBI have been provided.

CBG Plants under SATAT Initiative

So far 9 CBG plants have been commissioned and started supply of CBG under SATAT scheme. These plants are located in:

  • Andhra Pradesh (1No.),
  • Gujarat (3 No.),
  • Haryana (1 No.),
  • Maharashtra (3 No.)
  • Tamil Nadu (1No.).

These plants are set up by entrepreneurs and private companies who have raised financial resources to develop these plants on the basis of LoIs issued by OGMCs.

Technology for a plant is chosen by the entrepreneurs depending upon various factors including feedstock techno-commercial feasibility, etc.

Benefits of Conversion of waste/biomass to CBG

Conversion of waste/ bio-mass into CBG has multiple benefits like

  • Reduction of natural gas import,
  • Reduction of GHG emission,
  • Reduction in burning of agriculture residues,
  • Remunerative income to farmers,
  • Employment generation & Entreprenurship,
  • Effective waste management

CBG Plants under SATAT Initiative – PIB

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