5 Simple Hacks for Sustainable Living

5 Simple Hacks for Sustainable Living

5 Simple Hacks for Sustainable Living |

We are living in uncertain times of plague and pandemic. We surely know that environmental degradation is one of the alarming concerns at this time and the effects of it will be threatening and long-lasting.

From an individual perspective, just like personal and career goals, one must have sustainable/green goals. Pandemics and disasters prove that the world is precious. As we get closer to an irreversible catastrophe, it is important to take immediate action to save our planet.

To hold others responsible, we need to start the change from our home. We need to learn lessons from the current crisis and treat climate change with the same urgency. We all have a part to play in this destruction.

However, living a sustainable life can be quite overwhelming to begin with. There are so many changes we need to incorporate to make a difference. To begin with, here are some simple hacks that can help you transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Remember, the goal is to improve and not perfect.

5 Simple Hacks for Sustainable Living

1. Avoid single-use plastic

The easiest and effective way is to find ways to reduce the use of single-use plastics. It can be as easy as swapping a plastic bottle for a reusable bottle. Take a reusable bottle, tiffin box and travel cutlery wherever you go! This will help you reduce single-use plastics for vendors and ask them to fill your containers instead. You can use stainless steel bottles that are not only eco friendly but will also keep the liquid cool/hot for long!

2. Keep tote bags handy in your closet or kitchen

On an average, 700 plastic bags are discarded for a person every year. Out of this, barely 1% is recycled or reused. This amount of plastic waste can be cut short by switching to eco friendly tote bags.

You can use tote bags for various purposes. You can segregate your items in a tote bag or use it for shopping. Make sure you get a tote bag made from organic fabric to be more sustainable. Tote bags that are durable in the long run can benefit you immensely.

3. Start thrifting

We know that fashion has taken the fashion world by storm. Every season, we see new designs and new lines of clothing launching. This has pressured the manufacturers to produce clothes in large quantities made from cheap polyester fabric. As a result, a lot of clothes are discarded by customers and manufacturers, leading to more fashion waste. It was found that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste.

One interesting step towards sustainability is to start thrifting. You may find some hidden gems in the local thrift store! Thrifting is not only good for the planet but also for your pockets. It helps to direct the clothes from landfills to your closet. It’s a win-win!

4. Buy local

This one is probably the most simple and easiest hacks for sustainable living. Make subtle changes like buying vegetables from the local market rather than your nearest supermarket. Buy breads, sweets and savories that are locally produced rather than pre-packed branded snacks.

The products that are sourced locally have less carbon footprint than those manufactured in other states or countries. Show love to local farms and shops. This not only helps you to be more sustainable but also helps you to consume fresh foods for a healthy lifestyle.

5. Opt carpool or cycle as much as possible

Transportation is one of the major causes of air pollution. Even though we can’t completely avoid travelling, opt for sustainable means wherever possible. If you are travelling alone, choose public transport or car pool according to the situation.

This is not only sustainable but also helps you to save some money over a period. If more people opt for public transport wherever possible, the traffic rate in an area decreases. Choose a cycle to travel nearby. This is not only an eco-friendly mode of transport but also helps you to stay fit and healthy.


The best thing about these hacks for sustainable living is that they are also budget friendly. The aim of these “hacks” is to make your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle easier and less overwhelming. There is a lot more to explore and learn but remember, small persistent practices will help you reach your goal effortlessly.

Lastly, we don’t need a few people practising sustainable living perfectly instead all of us practising it imperfectly.

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