Why should you Switch to Organic Bedding

Why should you Switch to Organic Bedding

Benefits of organic bedding | In the midst of a raging pandemic, your health is of pivotal importance. We understand your reasons for picking the multigrain whole wheat bread over the white bread. But, why compromise with ordinary bed sheets that could cause you skin woes ?

Yes, you read that right. Ordinary bed sheets are often soaked in harmful dyes, and the cotton itself is grown with harmful pesticides. They also consume a lot of raw materials that are very harmful for our already depleting natural resources. It is the need of the hour to switch to organic products to take care of the planet’s health as well as yours.

We could think of tons of reasons for you to switch to organic bedding. They are the most suitable natural alternative to ordinary cotton bed sheets. We spend a quarter of our lives in bed. Thus, we should be careful of the kind of bed sheets we are using in our bedroom.

Why should you Switch to Organic Bedding

A healthier alternative

It is no secret that most organically produced products are a healthier alternative than industry manufactured products. Organic products like cotton bed sheets, organic cotton bath towels, and dohar blankets, are produced in a smaller quantity, keeping the wastage of resources in mind. Since they are free from synthetic and artificial additives and consume less raw materials at the time of production, they are a healthier alternative for you as well as the planet.

No synthetic dyes and artificial chemicals

Organic cotton bed sheets and bath towels are especially manufactured without any chemicals. Due to its organic composition, it is most suitable for people with sensitive and acne-prone skin. Printed organic bed sheets are also manufactured free from any synthetic dyes, and only use plant based dyes.


It is a myth that sustainable, organic products cost a fortune, and is only for the select few. Organic bedding is safe and affordable, sometimes more than the ordinary cotton ones. There are a range of organic bedding available in stores in different price categories.

Breathable material

Since the organic cotton bed sheets are free from any synthetic additives, they allow air to pass through them. Organic cotton sheets do not feel suffocating. If you live in a place where there are chilly nights, try to invest in a dohar blanket that is made by sandwiching two organic cotton sheets with an organic wadding between them. They are very comfortable and breathable.

Softer to touch

GOTS Certification Organic Cotton

Organic bedding products are made with GOTS Certified cotton. Organic cotton bedding is produced from quality cotton, which makes them very soft to touch. And, it has been proven that organic sheets get softer with every wash. 

Sustainability, the future

The planet will thank you when you switch to organic bedding. Organic cotton products consume around 800 less gallons of water at the time of production. Imagine the amount of natural resources you will save when you choose organic cotton bedding! We need to be conscious of our consumption of resources, so as to ensure the survival of the future generation.

Livelihood of several farmers

The companies with an intent to save resources and be sustainable produce quality products at a slow pace. They provide employment to farmers. This ensures the livelihood of a lot of farmers, who are engaged in sustainable farming.

Long lasting, of a better quality

The primary intent behind sustainable organic cotton bedding is preventing the over consumption of resources and delivering quality products at an affordable price. Organic bedding cuts back cost despite appearing to be expensive initially by lasting three times longer than your average cotton bedding.

Climate change is real. Sustainability is the need of the hour. We have to be mindful of our purchases, consumption of resources, and evaluate the sourcing procedures of brands that we support. 

This is a guest post by Ami Sata

Ami is the founder of Amouve Organic Bedding and Bath Products. She has worked tirelessly to revolutionize the conventional sourcing methods of home textile industries by choosing eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical modes of production.

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