Lets Celebrate Eco-Friendly Green Diwali 2022

Green Diwali | Safe Diwali

A Deepawali 2022 for Everyone

Diwali is perhaps the most widely & enthusiastically celebrated festival in India and by Indians across the world. However, this fervour for deepawali has led to over-commercialisation of the festival, result of which diyas made by artisans got replaced by imported glittering lights, celebrations with family & friends got replaced by burning deafening & polluting fire-works, sharing affection & sweets with loved one got replaced by fast-forwarding expensive gift-packs & adulterated foods.  Its time to give up the thoughtless gifting, sugar-laden foods, poisoning of air for a green & organic diwali with your loved ones, celebrating Indian festivals the Indian way. Explore the space to find simple ideas, products & recipes for celebrating an a Green Diwali.

Let’s Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Green Diwali

Eco-Friendly Diwali 2020 Gifting Ideas

Gift Ideas

At Prakati, we bring to you carefully curated 10 unique diwali gift ideas for 2022: 

Handmade colourful clay diya for rangoli for diwali festival

Clay Diyas

Beautiful Handmade Colourful Clay Diya for Rangoli

Green crackers available in market

Switch to Green Crackers

Same fun, less Pollution

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Diwali is the time for festivities. The spirit of Diwali is lit by a number of factors – beautiful diyas, fairy lights, sweets, social gatherings and, of course, exchanging gifts. Diwali, the festival of lights, is a celebration that marks the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Diwali is celebrated across all communities of India, creating a homogenous environment of goodwill and happiness. The festival of lights brings with itself the ultimate delight of triumph of lord Rama over Ravana, implicitly imparting the moral value of good over evil to the society.

Recycling and renewability are the key words today for better living. Let us all try to keep that in mind this Diwali and minimise our efforts towards causing further damage to our fragile environment. Let’s come together and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali 2022.

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