Amazing Eco-Friendly Diwali Gift Ideas for 2020

There are many things that bring & add joy to our mood for festivities at Diwali like decorating homes & office, rangoli, lighting diyas, greeting & celebrating with our loved ones and buying gifts for our family & friends. At Prakati, we bring to you carefully curated unique eco-friendly diwali gift ideas for 2020: 

1. Aroma Therapies by OMVED

Omved’s Natural Scented Soy Wax Candles blended with Essential Oils are 100% natural with no crude oils, petroleum, paraffin or toxic chemicals.  Omved’s proprietary blend of wax melts at a lower temperature and retains scents longer offering the best scent throw and maximum aroma diffusion while maintaining an even burn pool.

The candles are made using an all-natural organic blend of 70% soy wax and 30% palm wax, lead-free cotton wick and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. These candles are not paraffin-based that are harmful and do not contain any added colours. The candles lasts upto 35 hours, are reusable – can be blowed off and burned again.

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2. Artisan made Copper Bottle with Glass Set

Historically, Copper was the first element known to man. Ayurvedic texts mention the use of copper vessels for drinking water. Copper metal has anti-bacterial properties, which were proved to be true even during the 1800s when copper mine workers were immune to Cholera.

Copper is considered an essential mineral for our body. Copper helps in reducing weight, prevents obesity, reduces joint pain, maintains good digestion. Copper is primary element to produce melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair and skin) in human body. Copper is an antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows ageing.

Water stored over night in copper Utensil is essential for haemoglobin synthesis, bone strength and immunity building. 

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3. Handcrafted Clay Planter

Handmade Clay Planters are an eco-friendly, sustainable, unique and thoughtful gift at the same time. These planters are available in a variety of design, shape & sizes that one can choose based on tastes of person.

4. Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box

The Ayurvedic Wellness gift boxes are a perfect gift for your loved ones as they combine the joy of gifting with health & life. The products are encased in a beautiful box and contain various Ayurvedic products beneficial for your body. 

5. Notebook & Diaries made from Recycled Paper

You can’t help but fall in love with these cute stationery items made of Elephant Dung and recycled paper. The notebooks & diaries are made from 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper. It will make for a useful gift and will look great on any desk. 

6. Succulents

Succulents are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. These plants need low maintenance, less frequent watering, do not shed much leaves and can survive extended periods of neglect making it perfect plant for home decor.

Diwali Gift Ideas for 2020 | Diwali Gift Ideas for 2020