Life n Colors: Setting New Industry Standards with Carbon-Neutral Home Decor

Life n Colors: Setting New Industry Standards with Carbon-Neutral Home Decor

Life n Colors has secured a Certificate of Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) Retirement from VERRA

04 April 2024, New Delhi: Life n Colors, a leading home design brand, is proud to announce its commitment to carbon neutrality, marking a significant milestone in the industry. With a firm belief in environmental sustainability, the brand has offset 45 tons of CO2 emissions during 2023-24, setting a new benchmark for the home decor sector.

Life n Colors has used carbon credits from a solar project in Karnataka that is accredited from VERRA as a Carbon Offset project. VERRA is a distinguished non-profit organization that sets standards in environmental and social markets. Remarkably, the brand’s carbon offsetting initiatives exceed 200% of its carbon footprint, with ongoing support from the Solar Power Plant Project.

We are thrilled to lead the way in the home decor industry by prioritizing environmental responsibility. Our commitment to carbon neutrality reflects our core values and ethos, driving us to minimize our environmental impact while providing beautiful and sustainable home decor solutions.

Ashutosh Pandey, Co-founder of  Life n Colors

In addition to offsetting emissions through verified carbon credit projects, the company is embarking on a customer education campaign in 2024 to raise awareness about carbon footprints and give them an opportunity to join its sustainability journey. 

“Reducing carbon emissions is just one aspect of our broader environmental sustainability goals,” adds Ashutosh. “We are dedicated to minimizing material usage, promoting safe waste disposal practices, and prioritizing eco-friendly materials throughout our operations.”

Committing to sustainability, the company will be offsetting more emissions than its operations in the coming future, in its effort to combat climate change. This will also exceed industry standards and align with global business leaders’ practices such as the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Apple. 

About Life n Colors: 

Launched in 2013, Life n Colors is a home design brand, specializing in wallpapers and soft furnishing. From 5-star hotels to celebrity homes, wallpapers by the brand are present in over 15 countries, with exquisite offerings ranging from Indian art to European styles and more. Each creation is a narrative that brings a touch of luxury and elegance to every space they embellish.

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