How Digital Platforms Can Help in Your Kid’s Studies ?

How Digital Platforms Can Help in Your Kid’s Studies ?

Digital Platforms for Kid’s Studies | As parents, we often worry about providing the best education for our kids. That’s the reason we’re careful in choosing the best school, college and later, a course that will help them create an excellent career. Indeed, they money you spend on your kid’s studies is the best investment of all, because it helps them lead better lives.

Thanks to the Internet, parents now have an excellent resource that can help their kids in studies. And that’s digital platforms.

Obviously, some of you might wonder what are these digital platforms I’m speaking about. In simplest words, digital platforms are online tutoring and online courses that your child can study outside school or college hours.

There’re plenty of such digital platforms available for parents in India that can help in your kid’s studies.

Therefore, let’s take a brief look at some of these digital platforms.

Digital Platforms for Kid’s Studies

Some of these digital platforms are around since more than a decade. The others are fairly newer, if one goes by popularity.

1: CDs & DVDs: Till date, a lot of study material is available on this digital platform. There’re countless CDs and DVDs you can buy to help in your kid’s studies, since they contain tutorials about a specific subject.

2: Amazon Kindle: One of the best digital platforms that can help in your kid’s studies is Amazon Kindle. It’s a device that allows your child to read textbooks and reference material from multiple sources. Millions of e-books are available for download and reading on Amazon Kindle.

3: Videos: Actually, YouTube can be beneficial to your kid’s studies if you guide them to the right channels. YouTube contains millions of educational videos on the widest range of topics from every curriculum in the world.

4: Online Tutoring: Online tutoring or e-learning is the latest entrant in digital platforms that can help in your kid’s studies. And the good news is, you can get online tutoring from India or any other country.

5: Online Courses: Online courses can easily be downloaded from any outstanding educational websites such as Udemy and don’t cost a lot. There’re several types of online courses. Some consist of text, others contain text and videos while the third category consists only of videos your child can watch anytime.

These five online and offline resources are the best digital platforms that can help your kid’s studies.

Therefore, let’s examine how these digital platforms help your child’s studies.

How Digital Platforms Help Kids Study Better

There’re at least four distinct ways how digital platforms can help in your kid’s studies. I’ll explain in one with a few details. It might help you decide which digital platform best suits and helps in your kid’s studies.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

CDs, DVDs and Amazon Kindle readers work offline as well. This means, your child can study anytime and from anywhere. These platforms are particularly useful if your child is studying and staying at a hostel outside your usual place of residence.

They can watch CDs and DVDs with classmates, of course with permission from authorities. And read lessons or study something on an Amazon Kindle reader.

Furthermore, it’s always possible to get the latest CD, DVD or e-book if your child requires more information or knowledge about any specific subject. The cost of these digital platforms to help in child’s studies are very reasonable and easily affordable for most parents.

YouTube Videos

YouTube isn’t the only online video sharing platform. However, it is the largest in the world. There’re others too such as Vimeo and Zoom among others. YouTube has several educational channels your child could use for free. And there’re some paid videos also that need subscriptions but provide excellent lessons on any topic.

Obviously, you would have given a smartphone to your child. Therefore, you can easily guide them how to watch educational videos and learn a lot about a specific topic or subject to excel at school and college.

YouTube and other platforms also have lots of videos to increase general knowledge, which is extremely essential but highly neglected subject. Encourage your kids to use this digital platform to help in studies.

Online Tutoring Prepares for Future

If you’re staying in some area that doesn’t have superior schools, there’s nothing to worry. You can enroll your child to any school, since they’ll need that to prove academic records. At the same time, you can also opt for online tutoring for your child from any of the superb e-learning portals such as

Online tutoring portals provide a distinct advantage. Your child not only learns subjects from the local curriculum but also some curriculum activities taught at schools in the US and elsewhere. This prepares them for higher education abroad.

And since these online tutoring programs comply with international standards, you can be assured they’ll provide the highest quality education to your kids.

Online Courses Sharpen Skills

Countless online courses available from various superb e-learning portals can be taken anytime too. You’ll pay the fee while your child can access these online courses through a computer or smartphone app.

There’re all sorts of courses- short and long. Therefore, your child can select only a specific topic where they lag or the full course since they’re unable to keep pace with rest of the class.

These courses help sharpen skills of your child, especially in subjects they lag. They help in your kid’s studies by teaching an otherwise difficult subject in simple ways. And your child can gain an edge over peers through these courses.

In Conclusion

E-learning industry in India is growing at 25 percent per annum. Projections are, it will cross the US$1.96 billion mark in India by 2021. Not without reason. Because parents and students are now aware of digital platforms that help in studies. Your kid is under immense pressure nowadays to perform exceedingly well at school. Proper digital platforms help your kids study better and score higher marks at school or college while preparing them for future.

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