Eco-friendly Sanitary Pad disposal by PadCare Labs

Eco-friendly Sanitary Pad disposal by PadCare Labs

Women in India generate 34 million sanitary napkins on a daily basis & it takes about 800 years to decompose the same. Consequently, women in India suffer from urinary tract infections due to improper disposal of sanitary napkins. However, PadCare Labs, a startup from Pune is solving this problem of menstrual waste management by building an eco-friendly, hygienic and cost-effective sanitary pad disposal solution for women.

Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads Disposal System:

PadCare Labs is developing decentralized, instant, easy & economical sanitary napkin disposal machine, unlike traditional incinerators. World’s first smokeless sanitary pad disposal machine have been developed by PadCare Labs.


SaniBins, placed inside toilet cubicles have individual liners with a disinfection system that acts as a bacteria lock & prevents producing any bad odour. Users can dispose of their pads & bin can collect up to 30 pads. The liners holding the sanitary pads will be fed into SanEco.


SanEco works on a chemical & mechanical disintegration method. It has a mechanical shredder to disintegrate pads into smaller pieces when pads that are fed into it. These pieces undergo a disinfection, decolourisation & deodorization process and then deactivated. The super-absorbent chemical from the pads is deactivated with the help of sodium polycarbonate. Then the pad material is broken down into cellulose & plastic pellets. The blood and other body fluids are removed completely. The cellulose produced during the process can be used to make paper & the plastic pellets can be used in manufacturing packaging material or construction material. The entire process is eco-friendly.

About PadCare Labs

PadCare Labs is a startup working in domain of hazardous waste management, currently incubated at CSIR-NCL Innovation Park, Pune. PadCare Labs aims to create a circular economy.

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Join us to congratulate Ajinkya Dhariya and team and wish them all success and spread the word about them.

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