Noraa: Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Menstruation is one of the most important, natural & pressing issues of a woman’s life. Sanitary pads and other feminine health and hygiene products are essential for almost half the population in the world but, unfortunately, a lot of conventional mass-manufactured sanitary pads contain chemicals like dioxins, perfumes etc and substances that can actually pose serious health problems. Additionally, conventional sanitary pads are not so environmentally friendly. Many of them often contain plastics and compounds that are not biodegradable.  Sanitary pads also have micro-plastics in them and so are one of the significant polluters. Nailen Private Limited, a startup based out of Gurgaon, Haryana aims to solve this problem with Noraa, an organic and biodegradable sanitary pads

Noraa Sanitary Pads

Noraa Sanitary pad is an environmentally responsible product that biodegrades completely in 6 months. The pads are made using use organic cotton, corn starch, virgin pulp and bamboo as raw material. Hence, these Sanitary pads are 100% organic, biodegradable, safe, soft, comfortable and super absorbent. Breathable layers make sure there’s ample air circulation.

Together with an all-woman manufacturing unit, Noraa aims to create an ecosystem for menstrual hygiene to help women have a worry-free period.

Why Choose Noraa ?

  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE: The pads biodegrade completely in 6 months & uses zero plastic and no chemical glues for holding the product together.
  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: The product has 5 layers made of woven-cotton and a corn starch and sap powder core. 
  • NO RASHES OR ALLERGIES: The product is 100% organic, gentle on your skin, and super comfortable.
  • MAINTAINS PH-LEVEL: Use of zero chemicals and plastic, superior absorption and dryness, breathability makes sure the ideal PH-level is maintained.
  • HASSLE-FREE DISPOSAL: Each pad comes with individual biodegradable packaging for odourless, hassle-free and clean disposal. 

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