Carlsberg announces World’s first Paper Beer Bottle

Carlsberg announces World’s first Paper Beer Bottle

According to a recent news, Carlsberg about to make a breakthrough: The world’s first paper beer bottle is 100 percent bio-based and fully recyclable.

The development of the Green Fibre Bottle, which is made out of wood fibres, was launched in 2015 as a joint project between Carlsberg, innovation experts ecoXpac, the packaging company BillerudKorsnäs and the Technical University of Denmark. 

In April 2019, BillerudKorsnäs and Dutch bottle manufacturer ALPLA founded Paboco, the paper bottle company and started working together on the project which will see plastics made from plant sugars rather than fossil fuels.

Merely months later, in mid-October 2019, they were joined by other large, international companies, among them Carlsberg, L’Oreal, the Coca-Cola Company, the Absolut Company and Avantium, a technology company.

In a release on its website, Carlsberg announced that ” We are working on developing the world’s first ‘paper’ beer bottle made from sustainably-sourced wood fibers that is both 100% bio-based and fully recyclable. We now have two new research prototypes of the Green Fiber beer Bottle, which are the first ‘paper bottles’ that are able to contain beer”.

Both prototypes are made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre, are fully recyclable and have an inner barrier to allow the bottles to contain beer. Right now, they use a thin plastic film for the inner barrier – with one containing recycled PET and the other a 100% bio-based PEF. These prototypes will be used to test the barrier technology as we work towards a solution without plastic.

This packaging innovation is an essential element of Carlsberg’s “Together Towards ZERO” sustainability programme. The company aims to achieve zero CO2 in its breweries by 2030 at the latest and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions along the entire value chain by 30 percent.

The sustainability company which creates these bottles hopes to have them ready for consumer use by 2023.

The project has now joined by more partners: The Coca-Cola Company, The Absolut Company and L’Oréal in a paper bottle community – launched by Paboco®. The community unites leading global companies and experts with the vision of advancing sustainable packaging, offering high-quality products while reducing their environmental impact.

Coca-Cola launches Sustainable Paper Board Packaging Solution – CanCollar

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These paper bottles could help mitigate the severe plastic pollution problem being faced by oceanic habitats, and mark a shift towards global industrial sustainability.

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