Abki Holi Tribes India Wali

Abki Holi Tribes India Wali

With Holi 2021 festival just round the corner, Tribes India has updated its attractive and wide variety of tribal products catalogue with with products exclusive to the Holi festival. The products are available across the 130 Tribes India outlets and the designated e-commerce platform.

Tribes India Holi 2021 Collection:

The Tribes India catalogue currently includes tribal products from across the country – both natural produce and handicrafts and handlooms reflecting the tribal ways of life. The products include:

  • Natural and immunity-boosting tribal produce such as organic haldi, dry amla, wild honey, black pepper, ragitriphala, and lentil mixes such as moong dal, urad dal, white beans, and dalia 
  • Artefacts such as paintings be it in the Warli style or  Patachitras;
  • Jewellery handcrafted in the Dokra style to bead necklaces from the Wancho and Konyak tribes of the North-East
  • The rich and vibrant textiles and silks, namely; from colourful puppets and children’s toys to traditional weaves such as Dongria shawls and Bodo weaves;
  • Metal craft to bamboo products etc.

These tribal products, both handcrafted items and organic produce, form good gift options. They can be customised into attractive and customisable gift packs and hampers, depending on the requirements and budget. These gift hampers are packaged in premium organic, recyclable, sustainable packing material, designed by renowned designer Ms. Rina Dhaka exclusively for Tribes India, making them suitable for any occasion.

In line with its efforts to promote the livelihoods and empower tribals through marketing and development to tribal produce and products, TRIFED has been expanding its diverse and attractive range of products on sale in the Tribes India network.

List of Tribes India Outlets:

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